1. Himalaya (Deval part. I)
2. Ka
3. Séléné
4. L’homme à l’éléphant blanc
5. Jhomo Langma (Deval part. II)

Bastien Venzac - bass
Aline Boussaroque - vocals, guitars
Thibault Delafosse - Drums

R(a)ve (2013)
Monochrome (Demo 2011)

Faustine Bérardo

Mixed by Etienne Sarthou
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg
Artwork by Jeff Grimal

Released 2017-11-17
Reviewed 2017-12-18


We go for French today. The trio called Përl are offering a journey over five tracks, a Journey through the world from Himalaya to the mysteries of the human soul. A mini-album says the press material, an album says I – 34 minutes should constitute a full-length. And perhaps the journey is undertaken on the back of an elephant, at least that is what it looks like from the cover art. It all seems to be a rather exciting album, at least when I read about but what about when I listen to it?

Post-rock or post-metal are ways to describe this album, as that is the genre of choice for these guys, atmospheres and moods are the prevailing impressions I get when listening through the album. Good production, and the singer fit well into the soundscape the band is painting for us. Thing is though that it is almost only atmosphere and not too much else, the argument can be that the album lacks a bit of depth and is more like a soundtrack than a music album in nature.

I think the tracks blend a bit together like something from a soundtrack, a good soundtrack that had me listening closely from the beginning but as I get further into the album I kind of loose interest. It is good but not really that exciting and the adventure feels best when it is undertaken without paying too much attention to it, being background music might be the best usage for this album. Although, you will enjoy it if you enjoy the post-rock/post-metal genres, it should be right down you alley if you do.

To summarise the whole thing, I would call this a pretty good album that will not disappoint their fans or the fans of the genre. Great atmospheres and moods, I would describe it as a pretty good musical adventure that would perhaps need one or two standout moments to really shine. But if you are looking for a nice musical journey, this album should be a pretty good choice.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Oathbreaker/Solstafir/Cult Of Luna
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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