Buffalo Theory MTL
Skeptic Knight

1. Conspiracy in Paranoland
2. Punishment
3. Get On It
4. Skeptic Knight
5. Psychic Enclosure

Anton Parr - Vocals
Gary Lyons - Bass
Pat Gordon - Guitar
Yannick Pilon - Guitar/Vocals
Brian Craig - Drums

Heavy Ride (2012)
Murder Trilogy (EP 2014)


Produced by Buffalo Theory Mtl & Peter Edwards
Mixed by Peter Edwards
Mastered by Peter Edwards

Released 2015-02-26
Reviewed 2016-02-29



Cheers to a Buffalo Theory of beer, is how Montreal quintet Buffalo Theory MTL thinks of the world. For those of you into 80s pop culture it might be a familiar expression that can be heard in the television show called Cheers. The band’s new EP is called Skeptic Knight, a name that could be considered to make you a bit sceptical as someone writing with British English spell checking in Word, but it has a cool cover art so you quickly forget about that. It is said to be a band of beer chugging, heavy riffing fans for the fans – a quote from the press information so it is not my idea. So what about this beer chuggers and their music?

Skeptic Knight is an EP of five tracks and sixteen minutes, stoner rock infused with some thrash metal influences. Quite heavy with a vocalist that has a lot of authority to his voice, a powerful band. Quite simplistic as well, probably suits a pub environment for fans swinging pints of beer in their hands. I think they are targeting that audience, the beer kind of audience that don’t require any of the highest level of sophistication but enjoys their music strong and easily accessible and that is how these guys do it – and they do it really well, I would call this a strong production.

Quite good, I will have to say. It is a fairly enjoyable little EP, it ends quickly and you could play it over again if you like. It is strong, plain and simple but as always with easily accessible albums it is easy to grow a little tired of the songs after a few playthroughs. For people like me who like their music with more depth it looses some of its appeal after it has been played a few times, it is best the first two or three times I listened to it and then it starts to feel a little bit tired and a little bit simple. But, I do not think that I, and those like me, are those who are supposed to buy this album and to fans of Stoner rock I can recommend this album – if you like the similar bands I would call this one a treat.

The best track is the opener, I like that one quite a bit but I also enjoy the EP as a whole, for the first few times I did. So, if you are a fan, maybe a beer chugging one, it is clearly something to look into and if you do you probably won’t be disappointed. It is heavy, powerful and fun – so maybe you should grab a beer, knock your glasses together and yell Cheers.



Label: Stand Productions
Three similar bands: Down/High on Fire/Kyuss

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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