White Limo
Magic Formula

1. Winter Rain
2. Girl on Fire
3. Horizon
4. Black Roses
5. Daylight

Nisse Lindberg - Vocals and Guitar
Andreas Larsson - Guitar and bg vocals
Oliver Vincent Bonzalez Gonzalez Stiller - Bass and Backup vocals
Jesper Svensson -
Drums and Cymbals

Secret Sounds (2013)



Released 2015-02-23
Reviewed 2015-02-24



Time for another ride in the White Limo, a ride down memory lane and down the rabbit hole on the bumpy tunnel roads downwards. Far down the rabbit hole we find a magic formula that is the recipe for this new EP by this Swedish quartet. Their debut album was well received by us and the promo company was kind enough to quote a very good reviewer in the press release – namely the Hallowed reviewer who was positive towards that album. So what about this formula then?

Well, it seems to be derived from the same formula that was used for the debut album, colourful rock music a bit of arena rock is what they are offering us. The soundscape is once again painted in large brush strokes but with some finer details painted with a finer brush. The sound is dirty enough to be rocky and the play the nostalgic formula right as they manage to be familiar yet sound fresh and interesting. A good production but one complaint one might have is that the songs are fairly similar in style and you could want a bit more variation but it is a short EP just short of 20 minutes playing time.

If you have heard the debut album I think that you could imagine how it sound but you should imagine an evolved version of what you heard on that album, more dramatic and better than on the debut. It is great that such a band with a fairly nostalgic musical style can avoid playing the nostalgia card – that is great. Familiar yet fresh and interesting, I like this quite a bit even though I think that the variation could have been a little bit better but hey, you can’t get everything.

All the songs on this EP are good, catchy and fairly exciting. I think that White Limo are pushing all the right buttons and pedals in their musical endeavours, they have hit on a good formula so to speak. Did I say that I think that the vocalist is good? Well he is, and the entire quartet is a strong one and their music can be very recommended, especially for those of you who like the arena rock and classic rock kind of music. As I stated before, all the songs are very good but the opening and ending may be just slightly better than the rest of the songs but not by much.

So, take a good singer, some stuff from the rabbit hole, add a dash of arena rock and a cool production along with a quartet of guys and mix them in a glass jar. Then you have a magic formula, perhaps a formula for the success that these guys deserve.



Label: Independent/Border
Three similar bands: Foo Fighters/Muse/Biffy Clyro
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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