White Limo
Secret Sounds

01. In Case Of Fire
02. Bleeding Alone
03. Chasing After You
04. Waiting For The Storm
05. Black And Grey
06. Dirty
07. Breaking In My Skin
08. Broken Mirror
09. Felice

Nisse Lindberg: Vocals and Guitar
Andreas Larsson: Guitar and backup vocals
Oliver Vincent Bonzalez Gonzalez Stiller: Bass and Backup vocals
Jesper Svensson: Drums and Cymbals


Bart Hennephof

Album Painting by: Carl-Johan Redemo

Released 2013-12-02
Reviewed 2014-03-10


Well then, time for a ride, a ride in a white limo. A ride to a landscape of secret sounds, to a world where rock music rules, or something like that. Secret Sounds is the debut album of Gothenburg based rock quartet White Limo a band possibly inspired by a band called Foo Fighters. They are a bunch of wizards, self appointed legends, driving force personified and strange aliens, at least according to themselves. Sounds fascinating to me and with a nice painted cover artwork to show for it. It looks interesting, so what about the album then, is it a ride worth taking?

Well, I think we could describe it with some metaphors from the art world. It is a canvas of rock music painted with long strokes of the brush. From large arena rock style to smaller more modest rock styles over nine tracks, a diverse painting spanning many styles of the brush masters. I think it might look a bit wrong when standing too close meaning that the production can be seen as a little bit slovenly but that becomes much less apparent when stepping back, like looking at an impressionists work from a distance. Enough painting metaphors now you say and I am all out of those. I would say that the album might be seen as a bit incoherent to some but it might just as well be described as very varied since I think the album feels quite coherent although I understand if some say that it doesn’t.

I think it is a ride worth taking, the limo takes us nice musical places well worth spending some time getting to know. A likeable album with all good tracks, sure you could argue about what I mentioned earlier about the variation as incoherency and the production as less than stellar, you wouldn’t be wrong but neither would you be right as it is a philosophical argument that depends on you outlook on things. I like it and I am sure many will do as well, it is an album well worth recommending. I think the dynamics of the album is what does it, along with some top tracks of course, and to think that I almost missed this album due to time constraints. Fortunately I gave it time and it has been well worth it.

Maybe nothing of the album takes us places we have never travelled but they travel the road in a way that it still makes it feel fairly fresh and interesting. And best amongst this travel is strangely enough the opening pair of songs called In Case of Fire and Bleeding Alone which are two great songs that sticks in my mind. Not that the rest of the tracks are too shabby either but not quite as good, although that doesn’t really matter considering that it is an enjoyable album. I also think they should be saluted for keeping the album short and to the point, something I wish all bands could do. Well, a few metaphors and stuff written but the bottom line is that you ought to check this album out as it is great.




Label: Independent/Triada
Three similar bands: Foo Fighters/Muse/Biffy Clyro
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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