1. No Hatred
2. From Dust To Life
3. Behind My Eyes
4. Under Black Skies
5. Over The Ground
6. Silence In A Word
7. Dream Of Memories
8. On The River Of Time
9. Falling
10. The Distant World

Angelo Cerquaglia - Bass, Vocals
Giovanni Trotta - Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals
Giuseppe Bruno - Guitars, Vocals
Francesco Di Verniere - Keyboards

A Different View From The Same Side(2008)

Deliverance (2011)


Recorded Aura studios, produced by Aura
Mixed & Mastered by Cristian Paduano

Released 2015-02-06
Reviewed 2015-07-02


Italian quartet Aura are returning with a bit of Noise, they return four years after their previous album Deliverance that was relatively well received by our reviewer. This is their third effort, last time out I thought they had the potential even though they didn’t quite deliver on that promise. This album has a very interesting, almost captivating cover artwork that makes you stop and take notice. Otherwise it is bands of the seventies that are brought up in the press release, bands that are legendary pomp rockers, art rockers and such things, big names are mentioned and some of which are my favourites. It is however rare that those promoting their bands stick to the absolute truth, their goal is to portray their bands as favourably as they can and they do that very well with for band.

Musically it is not one of those art rockers or pomp rockers, they are of a progressive variety with some touches of that classic art- and pomp rock. Excellent production, the soundscape is very interesting, dramatic and fairly exciting. The singer is very good, and it is good that he doesn’t have that accent that some Italian singers have. There are ten songs on the album and they do show a fairly typical variation within the genre, the playing time is over fifty minutes that could make the album feel a bit on the long side.

Good songs overall on the album, I would say that it is a quality product and I doubt that anyone sinking his or her teeth into this album will be disappointed with it. I have liked listening to this album and was thinking about giving it a high rating but whenever it ends I tend to forget it instantly. I miss something that grabs my attention, something that draws me into the album. I think they have all the right ingredients to makes something great but doesn’t quite manage to deliver upon what they promise. Everything about the album is good but it is a little too long and has a little too similar songs to go all the way to the top.

So it is another one of those potential highlights that doesn’t quite materialise into its full potential. I think that the album ends with the best track, one that is slightly better than the other ones on the album and that takes us on a journey to a distant world. So, I think it is simple to conclude that this is a god album, it can be worth checking out if you like something progressive or pomp rocky.



Label: Spider Rock Promotion
Three similar bands: Poverty's No Crime/Spock's Beard/Yes
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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