1. The Arriva
2. In My Memories
3. Egypt's Call
4. The Eden's Tree
5. Efraim 2:01
6. A Candle's Dream
7. The Bridge Of Silence
8. The Glorious Day
9. The Last Stand
10. Resurrection

Giovanni Trotta - vocals and drums)
Angelo Cerquaglia - bass
Giuseppe Bruno - guitar
Francesco Di Verniere - keyboards

A Different View From The Same Side(2008)


recorded, mixed and mastered at Mainfunk Digital Recording Studio in Sapri (SA) by Antonio Postiglione

Released 15/4-2011
Reviewed 8/6-2011


So what does the warm and hostile desert landscape have in common with the band Aura? That my friends is a good question and one that will occupy your minds for the entire time it take you to read the next sentence. Deliverance feature this story of a man dreaming of Palestine, the suffering of the israeli people and Jesus Christ himself and how he find his redemption in the end. Not being a fan of Jesus but being a fan of conceptual albums and having Jesus as a conceptual entity in a story is not a problem for me even though he is not really a character I would identify myself with. The story is told over ten tracks and it will take you about fifty three minutes to play through the entire story which is quite good time I would say, like a very short book.

So, they are telling their story in a musical format, the sound of the music in this format is progressive rock, some might say metal but I will stick with calling it progressive rock. They are said to be influenced by Spock’s Beard, Yes, Queensrÿche and Pink Floyd to name just a few and those are of course not the worst band to draw your ideas from. It is clearly not a ”Mindcrime” story that’s for sure but I would say that there are strong musical ties towards said bands. The production is as is required, very clean and polished to the point where the blemishes are gone. The pace of the music is slow for most parts but there are some twists throughout the story, another thing to mention is that the songs interlace through the album perhaps to signify that there is a bigger picture than just the songs.

I think the bands said to inspire and also that some reviewer also mentioned bands like Dream Theater and Vanden Plas did not make it less interesting. All band’s favourite reviewer who never rates an album as poor rated this with the highest score and so did some other reviewer and the reviews I found through the web seem to point towards this being a good album, a really good one really. So with these great inspirations and similarities and great reviews, can the album be anything but good?

The answer would have to be no, it is a good album no doubt about that. Good does however stretch over quite the musical quality span so good can be quite good or just good enough or it can be fantastic or what have you. This album for me is just good, nothing else really, it does not make me over the moon or make me think, “hey this was a great album or song”. It is one of those albums that is good but when you put it away it is gone, it does however give me an unexplainable urge to play The Chemical Chaos by Poverty’s No Crime which has quite similar musical style but it is much better.

What makes this album unfloat my boat (made up a new expression there) is the fact that it is so unchanging, it moves on at the same pace more or less all way through and the progressive little touches are more there to be there than actually doing something interesting. It is more like they are trying to incorporate their inspirations into the music than actually making music and see where it takes them, it is too much of a forced feeling over the music than what I find really good.

I think this band show great potential, their music is good, they manage to create a good atmosphere and they show great musicianship and with that in mind I think that Deliverance is quite underwhelming. It is not a bad album in any way but I think it needs more variation, more soul and also be a little bit shorter if it should reach any higher levels. The result of this album is that it is too much of these bands that is said to have inspired the band (which is obvious when you listen to Aura who they are) and it is also way too stoic.

As I have hinted towards, I think this band has the ability to create a magnificent album somewhere down the line but with Deliverance it is more like they are trying to find their true voice than actually making music, it is like the first shaky steps of a child learning to walk or something similar.

In the end though I would say that this is a good album but if you really like and want to hear good progressive rock or metal you are wiser to look at the bands that have been mentioned in this text. Not trying to dismiss Aura with that last sentence but they still have some way ahead of them before they reach the quality of those bands, with that said it Deliverance is a good album and it has some really good parts as well.


Label - Spider Rock Promotion
Three similar bands - Poverty's No Crime/Spock's Beard/Yes
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm