Thy Worshiper
Czarna Dzika Czerwien

1. Piach
2. Czarny
3. Deszcz
4. Drzewa
5. Żniwa
6. Wiatr
7. Na Pohybel
8. Ogień
9. Zima

Bartosz Maruszak - Drums
Grabaż - Drums
Tomasz Woźniak - Fretless bass
Dariusz Kubala - Guitars, Guitars (acoustic)
Marcin Gąsiorowski - Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
Anna Malarz - Vocals (female)

Popiół (Introibo ad Altare Dei) (1996)
Signum (2005)


killer production at Westland Studios in Dublin, Ireland

Released 2014-02-18
Reviewed 2014-03-22

pagan records

Polish band based in ireland is what we have here, a band that has been around for quite a while with their first album released all the way back in 1996. That is almost twenty years ago, this is their third album since that debut, but the band was a bit off when the founder moved to Ireland and such things. It has a polish name which in translation means Black Wild Red, all the songs have a one word name and they all concern earthly subjects like soil, trees and harvest. Pagan metal they say about it, but what about this album?

Well, it is as they say, pagan metal. It is metal music with folk influences running through many layers and cultures. We hear parts of tribal music, celtic music and such things all bounded together in a complex structure that doesn’t quite sound like anything else I have heard. It is music that you do not take to in one listen, it requires time and patience to get to know this album. That of course means that you will not grow bored with it as easy as some other work. Good production, the sound is exciting and the vocals are haunting but yet addictive. Female vocals are brilliant. It might however, not be for everyone as it will require a fairly open minded approach. Nine tracks and just over 45 minutes of music is what it offers, and a decent variation over those nine tracks.

I like this album. Excellent atmosphere, great songs and an exciting musical adventure. To me it has been well worth the many hours I have spent listening to it, I think it is a captivating album. It triggers the imagination, I think I can recommend this album to anyone who likes their music creative and original. I think this is an album that deviates from the mould in which most albums in the genre are formed, and to me that is a good thing as it offers something that feels fresh and exciting and moreover it is great. One of the most exciting albums so far this year, I recommend that you check it out.

I cannot really see anything weak about the album, the songs are all good, the sound is great and the atmosphere definitely works for me. It is varied enough and not too long, it offers something that I haven’t really laid ears on before, similar stuff I have heard but not made quite this way. If I were to nitpick a weak point it would probably be the lack of a distinctive hit song or the fact that it takes time getting to know. To be honest though none of these are a problem for an album of this character as it is the whole that matters rather than single tracks. No I cannot fault this album in any way, it is a great album and one that you really wouldn’t want to miss.




Label: Pagan Records
Three similar bands: Morowe/Wojnar/Hegemoon
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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