I Am Heresy
Thy Will

1. Rahabh
2. Our Father
3. March Of Black Earth
4. Year Zero In The Temple Of Fire
5. Destruction Anthems
6. Thy Will I (Black Sun Alpha)
7. Thy Will II (Black Sun Omega)
8. Blasphemy Incarnate (3:05)
9. As We Break
10. Alarm
11. Seven Wolves And The Daughters Of Apocalypse
12. Devour
13. Throw Wide The Gates
14. Hinnom I (Altar Of Fire & Earth)
15. Hinnom II (This Is The Second Death)
(Digipak + 3 Bonus Tracks)

Nathan Gray - Vocals
Simon Gray - Guitar
Jay Sin - Guitar
Gregg Kautz - Guitar
Matt Balog - Bass
Crumbs Konieko - Drums

I Am Heresy (2012/2013)
O Day Star, Son Of Dawn (EP 2013)


Kirk Windstein - Producer
Duane Simoneaux - Producer
Josh Wilbur - Mixing

Released 2014-03-03
Reviewed 2014-09-20

century media

It goes a bit up and down when I Am Herecy tries to please us. Some of these songs are really just awesome, but there are also songs that sounds like my definition of poop, had it been translated in to audio.

The music is some kind of mix between hardcore and black metal but honestly the music has such a diversity of layers that sometimes we hear progressive tunes, a couple of acoustic tracks and something that can't be described as anything but seriously good hard rock. Honestly, though, I'm not sure wether I like it or not. In a way it's always fun to get a candy mix like this and hear some goods of different sorts but the quality level is so uneven that it's borderline wether I still have an appetite or not.

I don't know if I'm the only one but I really can't stand the voice of Nathan Gray. I can't stand it when he shouts, I can't stand it when he screams, I can't stand it when he growls and I can't stand it when he sings clean. I kind of lose my will to live already in the first track after hearing his strained vocal cords. He goes on it in the same mad vein as the mad sounds of Peter Dolving but filthier, somehow. But as with the music, every now and then Gray finds something that actually sounds decent but that's just momentarily - sometimes it's even worse than when he's haunting The Haunted. Generally, it is a pretty unstructured and straggling album that spreads over more sounds than a Russian gymnast. I really have trouble finding patterns in this and they have no consistency in when it sounds good either. The only consistency is that Gray suck big time when he growls.

The melodies I Am Herecy plays are pretty typical for the hardcore genre and also the guitars goes in that vein, at least in my book. On the site collecting the worlds stupidity (Wikipedia) the band is called metalcore and hardcore-punk. Now, I should be the expert but I have absolutely no idea what makes a band "metalcore" or by the way any of the subgenres in metal for that reason. I don't know how many times I've said one of these extreme metal bands play some kind of metal and then a wise guy comes telling me that it's some kind of "core" that I didn't mention. Well, I agree there's a lot of metal in I Am Herecy, but in the end it's still mostly a hardcore band. Though the slower songs sounds pretty much black metal, not so much metalcore - but what do I know?

'Thy WIll' falls a bit too much on their own tricks with this album. Sure, it has its moments but it's also a really shitty album every now and then. It might be an interesting album to whom who likes a challange but in my world it does not fullfill my will.



Label: Century Media
Three similar bands: BoySetsFire/Architects/Slipknot
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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