1. Once and for All
2. Mourning
3. It's All About Love
4. Bleak
5. Take Stock
6. Shadow Dancers
7. Words
8. Detour

Jérémie Ruiz - Bass
Olivier Lolmède - Drums
Alexandre Berenguer - Guitars
Laurent Bringer - Guitars
Niko Bastide - Vocals

This is Oil (EP 2008)
All is One (2011)



Released 2014-02-11
Reviewed 2014-03-13


It should be a french band to call themselves Drawers, this quintet is releasing their second album following what the label describes as a highly acclaimed debut that was released in 2011. Strange to have a second album self titled but who am I to question their decision? the album has after all been well received by a few ever-positive reviewers so one has to deduce that it is decent I suppose. But of course let’s not deduce before analysing and an analysis is just what I have done of this album.

It is sludge, stoner metal with aggressive undertones. Or aggressive overall tones. It is powerful, strong, with energy. The frustrated screams for vocals makes for a frustrating show, or good if you like that kind of thing. I find the vocals sound just like any other such bands, nothing standout about it. The production is good though, strong soundscape, well balanced between the elements making for an exciting ride though the musical world of Drawers. The thing though that this world is not that diverse and neither is it particularly interesting considering that it sounds more or less like that genre in general. But it is short and to the point and I remain fairly sure of the fact that the fans of this genre will probably find this album quite appealing.

I don’t find it appealing, but it isn’t appalling either. It is an overall decent album, well presented and well performed ordinary sludge or stoner metal. It is for those of you who find change a negative thing, who thinks evolvement is only silly and who believes music should remain moulded in a single mould. If you are a person who thinks music just everything else should be an ever living, ever changing thing, then I doubt you will find much pleasure in this because if you have heard other stuff from this genre then you will know what to expect and the novelty of a new album is lost in a flurry of déjà vu. This is a fact present in every genre and a fact that makes this work increasingly difficult because it gets harder and harder to find anything to say about all these album that fails to make any kind of impression.

This is really one of those, it will end up in the pile, forgotten tomorrow never to be looked at again. Not because it is bad but because it isn’t good enough to stand out amongst the legion of albums that already exists in the genre, sometimes I believe it should be a law against littering the world with more and more pointless products that offers nothing new to it. But then again, everyone should be free to do whatever pleases and if this pleases the band and they are satisfied, who am I to argue. Anyway, before I loose myself in more irrelevancies I can only point out that this album does nothing whatsoever for me, it is neither good nor bad, it just is. That isn’t enough for me.



Label: Katoxin Records
Three similar bands: Baroness/Mastodon/Torche
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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