Worldwide Genocide

1. Judgement Day
2. Master Illusion
3. Evil Walks this Way
4. Inescapable
5. Gaia

Simon Pickett (vocals, guitar)
Mark-Anthony McGinnis (guitar)
Niall McGrotty (drums, backing vocals)
Brian O'Kane (bass guitar)

Death of a Hero (2012)


Recorded and mixed by Bakken
Mastered by Sonopod

Released 2014-10-30
Reviewed 2014-09-15


Bakken are back with new material, this time they offer us an EP called Worldwide Genocide. It is a blue EP with pretty uninspiring cover artwork and five tracks where at least some of it seem to revolve around how greed destroys our world. Yes it does, but maybe that isn’t what the EP is about at all and the album they released last time around did also have an uninspiring artwork so it might be an indication that this band does good music without the need to show it by having a nice cover art. But what about this EP then?

Musically it is not much different compared with the album I reviewed last year, the same kind of powerful heavy metal with some heavier elements and a vocalist with a very masculine way of singing. Songs built on power and strength, some hidden diversity gives it longevity and the playing time of 24 minutes feels quite alright even though an album with ten or twelve more minutes of playing time might have been even better. Good modern heavy metal production and sound, nothing overly remarkable in any regard but the highest quality workmanship in all these areas making the band seem relatively fresh which isn’t the easiest thing to do in one of the mossiest genres in the metal world.

And the EP is very good, maybe it is a smallish step forwards compared with last time around but there isn’t much between them I would say. I like the EP, it feels fairly fresh and interesting and it is very difficult to find anything that I can fault it on, everything is top notch and it doesn’t even feel as watered out as much in the genre does. This is really very good and my only niggle is that it isn’t a complete album but fortunately it is a quite long EP so we still get a fair deal of great heavy metal.

These guys clearly know what they are doing and the entire EP is very strong, I cannot pick out a favourite track amongst the five so I just recommend that you check out this album when it becomes available. It is well worth the small amount of time it requires. I also think that it will be worth adding that Bakken with this really are starting to establish themselves as a strong force in the heavy metal world. Now all we need is another album.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Helloween/Iron Savior
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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