Trail of Death

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Creeping Death
02. War Butcher
03. Electrocution
04. Angel Of Death
05. Angel Of The Dark
06. Black Death
07. One For All
08. Post Mortem Vivere
09. Death Cannot Embrace Me
10. Machinery Of Death
11. We Won’t Die For Metal

Sören van Heek - Drums
Sven D‘Anna - Vocals
Dano Boland - Guitar
Michael Maass - Guitar
Volker Leson - Bass

Son of Darkness (1995)
Battle of Metal (1997)
Bound by Metal (1999)
Head of the Deceiver (2001)
Odin (2003)
Magic Circle (2005)
Goochan (2007)
Thor (2009)
...of Wariwulfes and Bluotvarwes (2011)


Mix and mastering by Achim Köhler
Artwork by Jens Reinhold
Band photos by Jochen van Eden

Released 2013-09-27
Reviewed 2013-09-19



The german legion of doom called Wizard are back, this time with their tenth album. They like the Asgard, battles and such things, at least if one are to believe the words they sing. Eighteen years has passed since the debut and nine albums, that is quite impressive for a band playing the more heavy form of the genre we know as power metal. I think some would say US power metal about it. The quintet are unchanged since the previous album which was well received by us here at Hallowed and this album is also mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler and seems to have been made to the same specification in terms of creative team so I suppose there is no reason to suspect anything but a great album.

Anyone knowing Wizard will recognise their signature style, the powerful power metal built on strong choruses and melodies and a fairly powerful and raw vocalist. It is a recipe for success in terms of musical quality, at least most of the time. This album has an excellent sound, like its predecessor. It is not an album that break any new ground or redefine the genre or the band, it is just a solid production showcasing much of what the band has learnt over their many years as an active German powerhouse. I should also add that the variation over the album is fairly large for the genre and the playing time of little over 45 minutes is quite well wighted as it is enough time to let it sink in but not enough to bore you on the way towards the end. I think this is a quality production, maybe not particularly original but a quality work nonetheless.

It is a damn good album, plain and simple. An impressive showcase of what experience is worth, the songwriting is excellent and the songs are great all the way through. Sure, one could argue that they do not really move forward with this album and that is very accurate. And in the analysis that can be negative while thinking about pros and cons of the work but when listening it is nothing that I care the slightest about because the album is just such a good listen so why would I care that it is very similar to its predecessor. It is not a clone and it steps away just enough to get away with it on my part. I think this is a very strong album and if you like Wizard’s work before this album I cannot see a single reason why you shouldn’t like this. It is a very strong album, well worth checking out.

I think Electrocution, Angel of the Dark and Death Cannot Embrace Me are the top tracks on this album, they are just brilliant. They lift the album to well above the average, I find them enchanting in a way. I really like this album, it is easy to take in, easy to like and damn easy to enjoy. If you like power metal and doesn’t check this album out you are a fool of astronomical measure. German power holding the hammer of thunder high, Wizard has done another great piece of music.



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