Universal Theory
Mystery Timeline

1. Turn Me On
2. Timeline
3. What Dreams Hide
4. Conversations With Myself
5. Enchantment
6. Grand Mystery
7. Let Your Desires
8. Maybe

Jesus Pinilla
María José Martos




Released 2013-04-29
Reviewed 2013-05-25

metal hell records

So you think you can tell, heaven from hell, blue skies from pain. If you can, perhaps you have a universal theory ready. A theory that incorporates the theory of gravity and the quantum physics into one, creating a theory that can explain every occurrence in nature. Can it be that this spanish duo has found it? is that what their name and mystery timeline entails? Well, judging by the spanish scientific record I see that as highly unlikely but who knows, the album cover holds some fancy symbols that anyone with any kind of knowledge or interest in science should know. It is a rather nice album cover I think and it sort of presents this band in a very interesting way. Is it so that their music actually can offer something interesting and exciting like the cover suggests or are they just trying to sell their debut in a way that is misrepresenting the content?

I think that they do have substance to back this cover as their music is atmospheric and deep. It traverses many different moods from romantic to melancholic and darkness to light and such things. It is a diverse album, over eight chapters of story telling, or eight points in a mystery timeline if you like. I think it is a rather complex album, you can describe it as a bit gothic in its presentation and then add a bit of psychedelic elements along with some male and female vocals, mainly male with female backing, and some other smaller elements to mix it all up. It is not complex in the regard that it is difficult to take in but in the regard that it is a very layered story that is being told, and it is told in a short frame without being too difficult to keep up with. A very strong approach, which is why there is not really a problem that the singers aren’t that impressive, they suit their role but nothing more. I think it is an impressive production, plain and simple.

And it is a good one, I have really enjoyed listening to this album several times now. It is easy to get into but it doesn’t bore you in the long run, it is exciting and keeps you occupied as a listener. Definitively an album for all of us who doesn’t like our music moulded in a particular shape, this one has several interesting angles of attack. It is a likeable album which should be taken in as an album considering that there isn’t really any standout track that should suit the playlist geek or those you just buys single tracks. It doesn’t seem aimed at such an audience, and neither are we at Hallowed so it is a great match for that target group.

I think this is an album to take a closer look at, one that you will probably find interesting as long as you are interesting in music that doesn’t just follow in the paths of others. A decently original piece by a band I have enjoyed getting to know and hopefully will see more good stuff come from as time passes. It is an impressive piece, a story told really well and in a short frame of time which is not a disadvantage, I wish more bands could do the same. Maybe not a universally perfect album but a really good one that I think anyone with an open mind and a taste in music will find interesting.



Label: Metal Hell Records
Three similar bands: Tiamat/Type O Negative/The Gathering
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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