Ett Grindslagsmål i 2 Delar

1. För Varje Obetald Fackavgift Dör En ...
2. Nicolaigården
3. Saker Som Är Fel Och Dåligt
4. Klipp Av Dig Dreadsen Ü Sluta Hüngla
5. En Cirkus Där Folk Dör
6. Jag Klarar Mig Bra Utan B12
7. Mycket Snack Men Ingen Verkstad
8. Folk Som Vi Hatar
9. Jag Ville Hångla Men Började Slåss
10. Pengar Styr Allt (Utom Power Violence)
11. Gröna Vågen Är Förbi
12. Välkommen
13. Du Kan Ta Din Moralistiska Individua...
14. Chefen Köpte En Öl Till Mig
15. Politik Är Inte Roligt
16. Alidhem
17. Söndag 8 Juni
18. Istället For Musik - Organisering
19. Det Är Någon Du Känner
20. Grind Mot Reindfelt
21. Det Handlar Inte Om Inställning
22. Bingo Terrorforce
23. Cancersvulst Kan Du Va Själv

Gerda Berglund - Vocals
Anders Nordberg - Vocals
Ivan Hermansson - Bass guitar
Petter Karlsson - Bass guitar
Johan Larsson - Guitars
Anders Inga - Drums



Recorded with producer Erik “Eken” Lindbergh in Dead End Studios, Umeå

Released 2012-11-30
Reviewed 2013-01-23

discouraged records

Bingo, a now dead band gets their two recordings released in one package. They speak of two full length albums in the press text but two albums with a playing time of 25 minutes, last time I checked an album was not twelve and a half minute long. As the two albums are not short enough in time, the album also has 23 tracks which are quite a lot to push into a playing time of 25 minutes. But the band are not discouraged by that and neither is the label who thinks this relic from a few years back is well worth to be released. The lyrics are in Swedish and seems to be political bashing the swedish prime minister and they show several more left wingish political ideas in their lyrics and song titles. So, was this worth exhuming or should it have remained six feet under?

That my friend is the right question. And the style to which this is sung is a chaotic one, with loads of aggression, voice destructing screams, furious tempo and all very, very heavy which makes this a grindcore album I suppose, one with Swedish lyrics so for anyone not speaking swedish (I know you are in a minority in the world but I always think of the little people as a Swedish chairman for a big oil company once said) it will be even more difficult than usual to understand what they are on about. Thing is that I don’t know and I belong to the majority who speaks Swedish, but the screaming and singing is most of the time quite inaudible for anyone but a grindcorer perhaps. The music itself is usually in a very high tempo and it is aggressive, there are a few breathing spaces but not much and it is fast paced all way through which is not that far after the album starts. The production is good for what it is I suppose but not that impressive compared to most out there.

Is it any good then? Well, yes and no I suppose you can say. Yes for it being better than most grindcore rubbish but no for the fact that such things does not mean much as grindcore generally such bigtime. This is quite alright and sometimes even a bit amusing even if I would never really select or opt to play this album any time because it is quite tiring and the chaotic style makes you more tired than happy. However, even if I am not that happy with it, it does not mean that much considering that I am probably not even close to the album’s targeted audience. I would speculate that if you like grindcore you will most likely find this album quite good even if it is impossible for you to understand what they are sining, if you can call that singing.

So, I think Bingo and their slagsmål is a decent album for what it is, not that what it is is anything worth hanging in a christmas tree but anyway. Little direct translations of swedish expressions there but I would say that it is an album that is not utterly worthless and it is probably quite great for a fan of the genre, although the rest of us will probably quite quickly run in another direction if exposed to this album. Bingo does alright in the end but the album is not really my cup of tea so I cannot really say that it will be anyone else’s but you’ll never know.



Label: Discouraged Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Lars Adaktusson/Spela Snabbare/Misantropic
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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