Somewhere in a Scarlet Sky

1. Intro
2. Scarlet Sky
3. Unthinkable
4. Everyone Knows It
5. C'est L'amour
6. Crazy
7. More
8. Blood
9. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
10. Heaven
11. Last Night On Earth
12. Beautiful
13. All My Life
14. Can You Hear Me Calling
15. Angel
16. Maniac
17. The Devil Made Me Do It
18. Outro

Rene Probst '7Ray' - Vocals
Reiner "Kallas" Hubert - Drums
Joerg Sander - Guitars
Christian Neander - Guitars
Felix Schönewald - Guitars
Uwe Fahrenkrog Petersen - Keyboards, Bass, Programming



Producer: Uwe Fahrenkrog Petersen & Steve Van Velvet

Released 2013-07-26
Reviewed 2013-08-05



For a guy and musician seen fraternising with movie stars on photos on the website and who has contributed music to movies, I would say that 7Ray holds a fairly anonymous presence on the interweb. It was impossible to find a discography, the biography did not name titles or years for releases, or even which band released what. But it seems that an album entitled something like this one was released in 2010 but that had only 14 tracks as opposed to the 18 of this album. But who am I to tell if they have done more? after all I have no idea about what this guy is doing with his time. I think he is Austrian.

The album is a blend of things and it is hard to think of just one thing or genre for the album, it is quite a mixture of influences, or genres. And perhaps it needs to be in order to remain interesting for 18 tracks. It spans over many genres like rock, like boy band music, like a bit of synth music, a bit of pop a bit of this and a bit of that. It was impossible for me to make a list of three similar bands as this is not really into the same realm as many other bands out there. The singer 7Ray is very good but the performance and production is quite excellent all the way through. I think though that this album’s weakness is not in sound and songs but in the album being too long and they ended up filling it up with some tracks that honestly weren’t quite up to it.

I have to wonder why this is but then when I hear the other side of things, the feeling is different as the best parts are quite amazing, excellent is another good word for it. It is strong performances all the way through, I just wish the playing time was shorter. Everyone Knows it, Angel, C’est L’amour are the weak points of the album and these tracks are really quite dull and bland making the album less interesting than it should have been. But in this album that has a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde quality to it also has the other side of things with some amazing music.

The best tracks on the album in my opinion is Scarlet Sky, Unthinkable, All My Life and Can You Hear Me Calling with some marks also going out to Maniac and The Devil Made Me Do It. These are brilliant tracks and would make out the lion’s share of a 35 minute album and had we had one of these with this tracks and on top of that something with an average like on this album we would have something great to listen to. Now it feels like this album has too much fillers and there is too much music that just isn’t interesting enough to keep me alert all the way through.

Overall I would say that this is a good album, I like several of the songs and I like them quite a bit. So if you like boy bands and such things a long with some standard rockers with some keys and stuff thrown in then you’ll find this an agreeable album. Well, hard to say really but I don’t think you could say that this isn’t good, it just should have some fillers removed. So, 7Ray will get a stamp of approval, I found this album good even though it may not be quite adhering to the style of music we write about, but if I was the band I would have the playing time cut somewhat.



Label: 7Music
Three similar bands: //
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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