Steve Hackett
Genesis Revisited II

Disc 1:
1. Chamber of 32 Doors
2. Horizons
3. Supper’s Ready
4. The Lamia
5. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
6. Fly On A Windshield
7. Broadway Melody of 1974
8. The Musical Box
9. Can-Utility And The Coastliners
10. Please Don’t Touch
Disc 2:
1. Blood On The Rooftops
2. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
3. Entangled
4. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
5. Ripples
6. Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...
7. In That Quiet Earth
8. Afterglow
9. A Tower Struck Down
10. Camino Royale
11. Shadow Of The Hierophant

Steve Hackett – Guitar, Vocals
Roger King – Keyboards

Voyage of the Acolyte (1975)
Please Don't Touch (1978)
Spectral Mornings (1979)
Defector (1980)
Cured (1981)
Highly Strung (1982)
Bay of Kings (1983)
Till We Have Faces (1984)
Momentum (1988)
Guitar Noir (1993)
Blues With A Feeling (1995)
Genesis Revisited (1996, Japan-only)
Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited (1996)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1997)
Darktown (1999)
Sketches of Satie (2000 w John Hackett)
Feedback 86 (2000)
To Watch the Storms (2003)
Metamorpheus (2005)
Wild Orchids (2006)
Tribute (2008)
Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (2009)
Beyond the Shrouded Horizon (2011)

Amanda Lehmann – Vocals
Christine Townsend – Violin
Dave Kerzner – Keyboards
Dick Driver – Double Bass
Francis Dunnery – Vocals
Gary O’Toole – Drums, Vocals
John Hackett – Flute
John Wetton – Vocals
Mikael Akerfeldt – Vocals
Nad Sylvan – Vocals
Nik Kershaw – Vocals
Phil Mulford – Vocals
Roine Stolt – Guitar
Steve Rothery – Guitar
Nick Magnus – Keyboards
Neal Morse – Vocals
Jeremy Stacey – Drums
Conrad Keely – Vocals
Nick Beggs – Bass
Steven Wilson – Vocals, Guitar
Rob Townsend – Sax, Whistle, Flute
Jakko Jakszyk – Vocals
Simon Collins – Vocals
Lee Pomeroy – Bass

Produced by Steve Hackett and Roger King
Engineered by Roger King at Map Studios
Additional engineering on The Chamber of 32 Doors, Horizons, Supper’s Ready, The Return of the Giant Hogweed, Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers, Camino Royale, The Lamia by Benedict Fenner, and on Supper’s Ready by Dave Kerzner, Chris Frenchie Smith and Alex Lyon
Mixed and mastered by Roger King at Map Studios

Released 22/10-2012
Reviewed 28/10-2012



Genesis Revisited, Steve Hackett one of the minds behind the classical progressive rock band Genesis who are quoted to be one of the most influential bands of the genre ever is reawakening some of his old band’s classic songs. This is the second time he does that, he did it in 1996 and received some criticism for that as there are those with rose tinted glasses who believes it was better in the past, but in all honesty when you look critically at your old favourites you realise that they aren’t really as good as you thought they were back then, they are good from a nostalgic view and what they mean to you and not really that good when you start analysing it. Knowing Steve from before I know that he is one of the best musicians and guitarists ever and he is an excellent songwriter as well. So, what does it mean now that he gives us his new take on the old Genesis songs?

It of course means that we are dealing with a progressive kind of rock music with all that entails, quite difficult to describe but melodies plays a big part and of course Hackett’s impressive emotional guitar playing. Of course there are some long solos but not too much of the progressive show offing that some progressive bands do, the production is excellent and the sound is just amazing and something the original Genesis would have killed to achieve when these songs were originally made by said band. I think that Steve Hackett has picked the best group of people he could when putting this together, sure some would argue that a Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins should have been there for some songs, but that is again it is just those in rose tinted glasses speaking as the guys that are here are at least as good as them - besides perhaps Neal Morse who makes a forgettable appearance. I think it feels like he has selected with a lot of care here Steve and the guys are the right guys for what they do on this album and one cannot claim that this isn’t an extremely well made product.

The album is on two discs and reaches well over 140 minutes of playing time which is quite a lot of minutes but they all keep you interested I think, at least they keep me interested. Sure is one impressive product and to me these songs are all better than they were in their original versions, the sound is well better than then and most of the songs are improved in other ways as well, that guy Steve for sure is a musical genius which he shows here. Some will of course never admit that this is better than the originals but it just is and anyone saying differently lives in an illusion and cannot admit that they have a romanticised view on an old and influential band. Of course we should not disregard that these songs were originally written and performed by Genesis and they were great at that time as well as before their time in many ways which is why they are better now when time and recording technology has caught up with them - and who better to update these songs than the brilliant Steve Hackett?

No one, that’s the answer and for anyone yearning to have some new fresh Genesis stuff, this is the shit, just listen to the brilliance of Supper’s Ready which to me kicks the ass out of the original, and if you don’t think so you are not able to see things objectively. But no matter if you think the old Genesis is untouchable or not, this is a brilliant double album that will entertain anyone with the slightest taste in music for over two hours and that is quite impressive to say the least. But sure, maybe it is not as good as Steve’s prior album Beyond the Shrouded Horizon and you could argue that it is nothing new and you be right but remember that remakes can be quite good when done well just think of the War of the Worlds movie, or many other movies or something like that, so a good remake can be well worth it. It is the plagiarising I don’t like, not if an artist remakes his/her old material into what he/she envisioned and could not quite achieve when doing the songs in the first place and I think in way you could say that this is that.

So, in the end I could say that if you have a desire for new Genesis stuff, this might as well be the album that fulfils that desire and it is an album that will have you entertained for quite some time. And even if you haven’t realised that you desire new Genesis stuff, you do now. Take a good long look at this album, you will like it.





Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: Genesis/Kaipa/Yes
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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