Presenting the Problem

01. Presenting the Problem
02. Lending a Fever
03. Leverage
04. Over The Galvanized
05. Caskets
06. Downside Advantage
07. Scale of Values
08. Rewatched
09. Paid In Graves
10. The Bricks Went Flying

Kjartan Ericsson – Vocals / Guitars
Bård Bøge – Bass / Vocals
Cato Olaisen - Drums

(Zilch) (2001)
Invidia (2003)
Blacklist Mercy (2006)
March Of Crime (2009)

Jørgen Munkeby (Saxophone on 3)
Fredrik Saroea (vocals on 7
Thomas Lønnheim (Guitars on 2)
Roger Berland (Lap Steel on 2 & 4)
Erik Minde (Grand piano on 10)
Rune Lanhelle (add. programming)

Rune Lanhelle (producer, engineer, mix & mastering)
Ribozyme (production & engineering)
Kjell Arne Kjaergård (add. engineering)
Grandpeople (Cover design)
Recorded, mastered & mixed at Mackwerk Recording, Norway

Released 10/2-2012
Reviewed 13/6-2012

indie recordings

A ribozyme is an RNA molecule with a well defined tertiary structure that enables it to perform a chemical reaction. Many ribozymes are catalytic, but some such as self-cleaving ribozymes are consumed by their reactions. Ribozyme means ribonucleic acid enzyme. It may also be called an RNA enzyme or catalytic RNA. It contains an active site that consists entirely of RNA. Many natural ribozymes cleave one of their own phosphodiester bonds (self-cleaving ribozymes), or bonds in other RNAs. Some have been found to catalyze the aminotransferase activity of the ribosome. Examples of ribozymes include the hammerhead ribozyme, the VS ribozyme and the hairpin ribozyme.

A Ribozyme can also be a norwegian rock band inspired by the likes of Alice in Chains, Tool or Filter, at least if I am to believe what people say about it. It is one of those albums that comes with quotes from several reviewers, positive quotes and high ratings which probably are supposed to make me as a critic more positive towards the album. But of course they are mistaken, I am not that easily effected by such things and even if most reviews seems overly positive there were two of them that was a lot less positive saying that it is quite ordinary or unremarkable. The cover art is at least a bit fascinating with a white look and some other stuff that is a bit atypical for a rock album.

I find myself going in a different direction than most other reviewers, I find this album well made and a fascinating melting pot of musical influences that all blend together into something without contour, I think that you can describe this album as diffuse. Sure it is not bad but at the same time I find it quite dreary and a bit tiresome to listen to. I can present the problem which is the lack of focal points, there is nothing on this album that really grabs me as a listener, nothing to focus my attention to just something diffuse. It is also a rather unspectacular album that sounds more or less like most other stuff in the genre.

If you like the bands mentioned as similar bands then you’ll probably like Ribozyme as well, if you don’t I recommend you to look elsewhere for you musical enjoyments because this isn’t really an inspiring album just look what it does to my writing. Good but tiresome might be the thing of today considering that I said more or less the same thing about Naam’s EP in the review we published earlier today. I find it difficult to write about such releases as they can hardly be described as inspiring good texts. Well, I’m bored with this album and everything in it, well not the track called Over the Galvanized which I find a very good track but the rest of it is tiresome, good but tiresome.



Label: Indie Recordings
Three similar bands: Alice in Chains/Filter/Tool
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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