Kamikaze Kings
The Law

1. Burn Baby Burn
2. I Am The Law
3. Boys ’n’ Men
4. All In Vain
5. Bible Black
6. Boneshaker Boogie
7. Just Dance
8. In The Name Of Tragedy
9. Too Late
10. Saturday Night Hero
11. Give It To Me
12. In For The Kill
13. Hard Times
14. Shadows

Elmo Kamikaze - Vocals
Randy Kamikaze - Guitar
Rais Kamikaze - Drums
Kev Kamikaze - Bass



Producer, Mix & Mastering: Dirk Faehling @ Audio Ego Berlin, www.audio-ego.com
Recording: Dirk Faehling, Ulrich Wentzlau & KAMIKAZE KINGS
Cover artwork: Felizitas Lang
Booklet design: Bo Soremsky @ www.bosoremsky.de
Band photos : Martin Hoppe @ Phat-Photo, www.phat-photo.de

Released 31/8-2012
Reviewed 21/8-2012

limited access records

A quartet of guys with the same surname are calling themselves the kings of that name, I wonder if they are brothers. Perhaps they are brothers in arms, at least they look similar when it comes to the outfits they wear on the promotional shots which seems a tad extravagant. Those images begs to question wether or not these guys are serious with their image which I hope they are not as I do not like people taking themselves too seriously. But it may be to have some live extravaganza to show for at the live shows, lets say that it is that way. Otherwise this is the debut album of Kamikaze Kings and it is called The Law and it is the album to end the summer perhaps as it comes at the last day of august which usually is when the summer ends around here.

High energy heavy rock music is what it is all about, no-nonsense straight-forward rock music with catchy choruses. The sound is modern and powerful and it feels like it is written and produced to be easily reproduced on a live stage by this band, a place where music like this will fit perfectly. Rock music for the party or for the live stage, that is what we should call this. The songs are fourteen if you count them and they do show a bit of variation over the little over fifty minutes that the album plays for. The ending is especially a sign of this thing. Anyway lets just describe it as powerful, energetic rock music with attitude and inspiration.

Fairly good album this one, that is at least my opinion after listening to it a dozen times. It is energetic, catchy and powerful and the songs are good. Not the most clever of albums I have heard but who says rock is about being clever? Neither is it one that breaks new ground in the rock genre but with this kind of music it is not about that. It is about showing up on the stage dressed in a ridiculous way and rock the hell out of the songs, and do it to the roars of the crowds and that is something I am quite sure that these guys will be really great at. Their music certainly works well for that, and as I said it is a rather enjoyable album.

There isn’t really any major downsides to this album, maybe the lack of new stuff or something but I cannot really fault them for that as this isn’t the kind of music for that. I like best the title track and the one called Saturday Night Hero, those are really smoking rockers but the entire album is full of rockers and for anyone into the classic heavy rock music. But that image, I don’t really find that too much of interest but I guess you have to do something to try to be noticed.

So, in the end I think that if you like classic heavy rock music you will find this album a must have. But I don’t think it is only those into that kind of music that will find this album amusing, I have enjoyed listening to this album as the songs are really good and you sometimes find yourself singing along with the catchy choruses in the songs. But with this catchiness and the rather clichéd sounds comes the downside of the album as well, it does not really make an impression and it is quite easy to to lose yourself in thinking they are more about image than music and that would not really be right because they are quite good.

In the end I can say that this is one hell of a catchy rocking album, so for all of you into straightforward rock music with attitude, here’s your album of the summer.



Label: Limited Access Records/Intergroove
Three similar bands: Steel Panther/Mötley Crüe/Kiss
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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