Holy Knights
Between Daylight and Pain

1. Mistery
2. Frozen Paradise
3. Beyond the Mist
4. 11 September
5. Glass Room
6. Wasted Time
7. Awake
8. The Turning to the Madness


Claudio Florio - Drums
Dario Di Matteo - Keyboards, Vocals
Simone Campione - Bass, Guitars

Gate Through The Past (2001)



Released 28/8-2012
Reviewed 16/8-2012

scarlet records

These knights of some holy crusade are finally back, this after a decade being absent from the scene. They do it with an album called Between Daylight and Pain which by the face of it looks like any other Italian symphonic metal album. And sure enough the trio is Italian and they are said to be playing symphonic metal so one can always at first suspect that they are just one more of those bands. I really like the selling points, I mean who can argue with Symphonic Power Metal at its best and A True Melodic Masterpiece? Those are actual selling point, isn’t that just brilliant? no pressure on the band though.

We are talking symphonic power metal hear, classic fast paced power metal with double kicking drums and catchy choruses and all of that. But it is a slight bit different from many of the other one of those bands from Italy as the symphonic side is a bit toned down in comparison with for instance Thy Majestie where one of the members apparently plays. In its place there is a touch of the progressive with the keyboards mainly adding a bit of flavour to the music. The vocals are classic italian power metal with a touch of accent and such things and the production is well polished without ever becoming too bombastic or too bland, a well balanced production one could describe it as. And there is also a decent variation over the album’s eight tracks and near 42 minutes of playing time. And the very typical Italian symphonic metal look the album has can actually be said to be a little bit erroneous as it is a bit different from that, more of a Labÿrinth feel than a Rhapsody one could be a way to describe it.

After having been absent for a decade, do they make a valid comeback or is it just garbage? sure it is and not only that, I would also call it a very good album. I think all of the eight tracks are memorable and it would be really difficult to single out a single favourite amongst the eight. The album is really good and it is very melodic with several really memorable pieces being played throughout the album which I will have to describe as impressive.

I can’t really find anything negative with Between Daylight and Pain, if I were to look it would be that the cover does not really reflect what we get on this album and maybe that they aren’t particularly heavy but saying such things would only show that you are looking for negatives rather than accepting the fact that it is a really good album. Sure it may not be the most original piece I have ever heard but it sure isn’t one of those making it bleeding obvious who the inspiration is and that has to be said is something good it that respect.

In the end though I would say that you who have waited a decade for this album you will be pleased to know that the trio has put out one hell of an album. Anyone with a liking to the symphonic or just very melodic metal should take a look into this album, I can promise you that it will be worth your while. Holy Knights clearly still knows how to make interesting music, this is one album you should think long and hard before turning down as it is a great album.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Rhapsody Of Fire/Thy Majestie/Sound Storm
Ratings: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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