Label: Independent/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Fuck the Corpses/Architechture of Aggression/Bile of Man
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviwer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Visceral Birth
2. Out for Blood
3. Merciless
4. Sadeye SNAFU
5. Butcher for pleasure
6. Fuck or die
7. Crawl of the maggot
8. War Eternal

Van666 – Lead guitar/Vocals
Werner Labuschagne – Drums
Andre ‘Gallaksie’ Diamond – guitar/Vocals
Choroz Bileous – bass



Eko Rana - Cover art
Lanie van der Walt - Mixing, Mastering

Released 23/3-2012
Reviewed 1/12-2012


Look at the album cover of this album by South Africa’s Bloodbeast, then look at the title and the titles of the songs and then say that you imagine that this will not be some kind of déjà vu for anyone having heard a lot of death kind of metal. This Pretoria based band was born from the remains of some other death metal bands from that said location. It looks on the surface like every other death metal band I have seen and the quartet also has lyrics and titles that seems to want to rival competing band about showing evilness or something like that, I would say that such an endeavour is rather silly.

We can also speak of déjà vu when it comes to the music, it is rather typical death metal of the more primitive kind. The sound is as cheap as some chinese manufactured shit and the growler sounds just like any other growler in the genre, nothing spacial at all about the sound over the eight track that plays for half an hour. The songs are not very imaginable themselves but rather tragically uninventive, and one can start wondering what is the point with this album and the answer you come to think of is nothing. Nothing seems to be the point and it is a typical death metal album without identity and own thoughts.

I think that it is an okay album on most accounts, it is not inducing vomiting or something like that and it is at least listenable. But this feeling of déjà vu is a bit annoying as I do not think music should just copy what has been done before but do something of their own and if you are trying to find anything like that in this album you will fail, miserably as there is nothing like that. They try with lyrics of evilness with tried and tested riffing, with a cheap production and silly growling so for anyone into this kind of music with all the names of that genre, it will probably be an album to like, for anyone else I am not as sure.

I mean this album plays for about 30 minutes long which is about as long as an episode of QI, and choosing between this album and an episode of QI is very easy. A new album that sounds like anything else in the genre is just nothing to really pay attention to, it is déjà vu and nothing else. I must say though that I was pleasantly surprised as by looking at the awful album cover and seeing the terrible band name I was certain that this would be absolute rubbish, but it is okay if you need more death metal sounding like it always does.



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