Soul Seller
Back to Life

1. Wings Of Freedom
2. Change Your Heart Tonight
3. All I Can Promise
4. Keep On Moving
5. Hope On The Horizon
6. Old Hero’s Prayer
7. Back To Life
8. Hell Of Tears
9. A Message From Planet Venus
10. New Power Day
11. Rock Still Stands
12. Beautiful Heretic’s Dream

Michael Carrata: Lead & backing vocals
Dave Zublena: Rhythm guitars, lead & acoustic guitars
Cris Audisio: Lead guitars & guitar solos
Mike Zublena: Bass
Steve Bucci: Drums

Underground Freedom (2000)

Oliver Hartmann: Lead vocal duet on “Keep On Moving”
Danilo Bar: Guitar solo on “Change Your Heart Tonight”
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Backing vocals
Cristiano Conti: All keyboards
Claudio Beneventi: Additional rhythm guitars & lead guitar fills, 1st guitar solo on “Rock Still Stands”
Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri: Backing vocals on “Back To Life”

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio for Ivorytears Music Works
All songs arranged by Soul Seller & Alessandro Del Vecchio
Keyboard arrangements by Cristiano Conti
Additional keyboard arrangements by Simone Piredda
Additional vocal arrangements by Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri

Released 21/10-2011
Reviewed 18/10-2011

avenue of allies

Soul Seller, it may mean one of two things I guess. Either it is someone who sells souls, or it is someone who sells soul music. However, there is a third option which is that it is an italian rock band, I know it is completely illogical but it might just be. And as this is a zine who write about music I think the most logical would be the second or third option and as it is rock music I think the third option is the one we go for. This band was formed some time ago and they did for their own finances release an album back in 2000 which was printed in 500 copies and quickly sold out, then there was nothing, the band died and then it did a Jesus and came back to life and in 2010 they had what was to be today’s line-up. Now 2011 in october they are releasing their first album on an established label, an album titled Back to Life maybe because of their resurrection. This album features a few things interesting just by looking at info beforehand, the cover artwork is exciting and evokes thoughts about adventure and excitement and they also have the great Oliver Hartmann as a guest on vocals. There are several ingredients there to make a great album, now the question is wether or not the band have managed to mix them well.

Musically I do not think anyone will call this revolutionary or even different because it isn’t, it is melodic rock music with a slightly rougher edge compared to the overpolished AOR-genre which they at times dip into. They build their songs around distinctive sing-along choruses and melodic vocal parts, the melodies are the earcatching element in the music the vocals are not as high pitched as most AOR singers either which gives them a slightly more rockish feel than the AOR genre that I keep mentioning. The production is good and the sound suit the songs very well as they give them a catchy yet edgy sound. In the end though I think that if I say melodic rock you think of music that sounds exactly like this so that is description enough. Back to Life has twelve tracks and it plays for almost 57 minutes if you don’t turn it off or skip songs.

So, is it any good? Simple answer is: yes it is. It starts brilliantly with the track called Wings of Freedom that just grabs you immediately with its energy and catchy chorus and the many excellent melodic hooks the guys offer. After that it sort of continues on that track, there is quite some variation in the songs but not enough to make it incoherent. The band has found a very good balance to their music and I think that all the songs on the album are really good. Still there are a few tracks that grabs you just the little bit extra like the opener and then track three All I Can Promise which is a song that always catch my attention no matter of what I think of. The fourth track with Oliver Hartmann singing duet with the singer is also very good, it is called Keep on Moving. Track six Old Hero’s Prayer is my favourite track on this album, it is a great track. But there is so many good tracks so it is really difficult to pinpoint which are the best but New Power Day is another great catchy tune and Rock Still Stands is a good song that testaments to the longevity of the rock music.

If I am to pick out anything less good it has to be the fact that the band is not even trying to break any new ground and that makes it very easy for us who hear a lot of music to find it less satisfying to listen to. Thing is though that in this album’s case it does not matter as the album is very good, the songs stand very tall and it is very good. I think they have found the songs and the sound for these songs that just makes it work no matter if we have heard this kind of music many times before, which I have, it is just good anyway.

So melodic rock music as it should be made, at least if you wish to press the right buttons with the listeners mind, the songs then remain in you consciousness for a long time so I will see when I can get it all out of my mind now that I put this album along with the others in the archive, an album I can recommend. You will probably like it.





Label: Avenue of Allies/GerMusica
Three similar bands:Big Life/Afterhours/TNT
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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