Lux Mundi

1. Luxferre
2. Let My People Be !
3. Of War
4. Antigod
5. For A Thousand Years
6. The Shadow Of The Sword
7. In The Deep
8. Mother Night
9. Pagan Trance
10. In Gold We Trust
11. Soul Invictus
12. The Truth Is Marching On

Vorphalack (Vorph) - Vocals, Guitar
Xytraguptor (Xy) - Live and Programmed Drums, Keyboards, Samples
Masmiseim (Mas) - Bass (ex-Alastis)
Makro (Mak) - Guitar

Worship Him (1991)
Blood Ritual (1992)
Ceremony of Opposites (1994)
Passage (1996)
Eternal (1999)
Reign of Light (2004)
Solar Soul (2007)
Above (2009)


Mixed by Russ Russell

Released 29/4-2011
Reviewed 7/4-2011

nuclear blast

Light of the World or Lux Mundi for you who speak latin, all millions of people with that as their native tongue or was it the other way around, I don’t know. It is the latest offering by the jewish mythology’s angel of death or as Talmud describes Samael, the protector of Esau and a patron of the Roman Empire. That is Samael for you and the thing gets even more fun when you learn that the band hail from a town called Sion in Switzerland, kind of fitting to select a name such as that with that in mind. Their music seem to be balancing between the lighter and the darker side of things with lots of electronics yet with dark vocals or preaching as would be more fitting to say in this review. You know, that thing is also consistent with Samael who is both considered to be part of the heavenly lore while also a fallen angel equitable with Satan, so he is sort of in between, just like the music of Samael the band.

If we now take a closer look at the music we can clearly note all the melodic touches and the electronic parts that act almost like a counterpart to the darker things of everything. The music is generally on the heavier side, but quite soft if you are considering that it is rooted in the blackish metal. I think it is music that fans of progressive metal can take in, I do believe that many fans of the extreme will vomit on this band just out of pure hatred since they are black metal but not primitive and simple. If I was to compare this to another band I would say that I cannot really do that since I don’t know of any band that is in the same musical region, maybe it is that archangel thing that makes them a bit different to other similar bands. There are twelve tracks on the album and they have a total playing time of around 49 minutes which at least places the band beneath the 50 minute mark.

It starts with a track called Luxferre which is a clear indication of what is to come on this album as it has all the elements that you will later discover more of as you play this album by the ruler of the fifth heaven. I do believe that Antigod the single track is a poor choice as a single track as it is probably the least interesting track on the entire album, whoever chose that song as single should take a nap in the guillotine. The track that follows which is called For a Thousand Years is really good though, it is probably the top track on the album with it’s great musical flow and the complexity along with simplicity and heaviness, it is a great track. Track seven In the Deep is another on of these tracks worth mentioning it also has a great atmosphere and a depth that is unrivaled on the album, it showcase well the theme which the band is having in their lyrics. Now then, track eight Mother Night and nine Pagan Trance along with eleven Soul Invictus are all tracks worthy of a mention amongst the top tracks on this album.

If I was to point out a weakness on this album it would be a very difficult thing, I believe that the only thing I have just a slight issue with is the length of the album and not even that is a problem so there is nothing truly negative with this album, it is really good. It might even be an album worthy for Samael to bring with him to his home in the seventh heaven where he is said to live at least in his role as a servant of God but he might as well remain a fallen angel but then I think he would have a much harder time of getting this album approved among his fallen angel friends.

I is clearly an album worthy of an archangel so who am I to judge? Well a reviewer and we all know the great importance of that position, the world could not really function without us. Is is also an album with a fascinating album cover at which one can look for a long time and still remain thinking, the music is almost as deep and complex as that so it is clearly something worthy of anyone who like to listen to music that is more than stupid punk music where no skills are involved. Even though this band is an archangel it took three years for them to work with this album and the finished result clearly show that sometimes it is well worth taking a bit of time to make the best possible music.

Samael’s Lux Mundi is without a doubt metal for the angels.


Label - Nuclear Blast
Three similar bands - The Kovenant/Moonspell/Dimmu Borgir
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm