Franky Lee
There Is No Hell Like Other Peoples Happines

01. No Motion
02. Set The Scene
03. Genius And Imagination
04. The Fall Of The Great Misunderstood
05. A Cunning Plan
06. Death To Myself
07. Stone Cold Lazy
08. Power Not Truth
09. Blinker Beat
10. Trust In Me
11. I Will Soldier On
12. A Man Without A Heart
13. Cut The Feeling

Mathias Färm – Vocals, guitars, bass & piano
Magnus Hägerås – Guitar, bass, piano
Fredrik Landh – Drums, percussion. Bass & backing vocals

Cutting Edge (2007)


Released 4/11-2011
Reviewed 31/12-2011


They are knocking on the big drums when promoting this album, talking about making a faultless album, energetic and full of great hooks and an album that is as melodic as it is majestic and superlatives like that. Guys from Millencollin and The Peepshows make up this trio who have selected frankly a stupid band name and also managed to find one of the stupidest looking album covers of the year, everyone knows that bears arm themselves with revolvers and not knives, if it is a bear on the cover that is as it is not all that easy to make out. The title is not particularly good either, way too long and even though it is true in some cases it is still not fitting this album unless of course they are trying to counter-act hell with the album, so what about it? are they any good?

Simplistic rock music with an energetic sense and high tempo, you could say that it is rooted in the punk rock music is what we get to hear from this band. The production also feels a bit simplistic and cheap, the singer sounds a bit punkish in his expressionless way of singing. The instrumental works are quite simple and the overall feel of the album is a simplistic one, the variation is not the biggest one over the album either and it feels as quite an ordinary album stylistically. There are thirteen tracks on this album and it plays for near 44 minutes if you play through it in its entirety.

This album has not been overly well reviewed, a dangerous dog decided for the lowest rating he usually gives which is called average and that rhymes well with most other reviews I have seen around the web which means that they all think that this album is crap as the ratings on the web is almost always higher than it should be. So what do I think then? I think that the album begins rather well with the first three songs being quite good but the further I get through the material, the more bored I get and in the end I think that the album is quite boring with too many songs sounding more or less the same and this lack of variation is a real letdown and as I sit here writing I can’t help wondering how the band themselves managed to record an album as uneventful and static as this one.

Maybe it would have worked as an EP of three or four tracks but as a complete album it is rubbish, it has around ten tracks too many too keep a listener interested and even if the prospect seem interesting in the beginning it is wasted in an unchanging static album. But during my listens I have figured out the album title, they think the hell is other people’s happiness and they are using this album to battle other people’s happiness which has resulted in an album that evokes indifference in its listeners. So they have been successful in combatting happiness and all that remains now is to get it out there and into peoples minds to really get the results they seek.

I think it is rather the waste than the shelf that is the path for this album, it starts well but then it gets more and more boring the further I listen and in the ends I am quite happy that I can throw the music files away and never to listen to it again as I would say that it is a quite boring album that should have been sold as an EP with the first few tracks rather than a complete album with thirteen almost identical track. Highly not recommended unless you like to listen to something that sounds the same all the way through.




Label: Franky Music/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Millencollin/The Peepshows/Foo Fighters
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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