Prey For Nothing
Against All Good and Evil

01. Treachery
02. My Final Relapse
03. Unmake You
04. Buried By The Light
05. Chekhov’s Gun
06. Deciphering The Signal
07. Axis Mundi
08. Homemade Holocaust
09. Turning Shears To Swords
10. Technocrat
11. Spiritual Guillotine
12. Against All Good
13. Against All Evil

Yaniv Aboudy (Guitars)
Yotam ‘Defiler’ Avni (Vocals)
Tal Behar (Guitars)
Iftah Levi (Drums)
Amir Salomon (Bass)

Violence Divine (2007)

Recorded at hertz Studios in Bialystok, Poland

Released 9/12-2011
Reviewed 28/12-2011


These guys seems to have nothing to prey about, either they got everything already or they believe themselves to be so good at music already so they don’t have to prey for any additional skills or sales. Well I guess there’s pride in your work but then there’s arrogance, I think all have something to prey about if only for a good day tomorrow or maybe for easier process of writing the new album or whatever. Anyway, they also take a stance against all, both good and evil if we are to believe the title of their album. They seem to believe that they need to be against it all, and maybe they do with their oddity of a cover artwork it might make some apprehensive of buying it. Described as progressive metal they are by the label, progressive death metal or something similar it was stated in the promotional information related to this release. They are from Israel which may not be the most common origin of a band in the metal genre but such things I always take as a positive with bands sining in odd languages and being from odd places, not that Prey for Nothing sings in an odd language though.

Musically it is progressive metal based in the extreme metal genre, it is quite heavy and the vocals are mostly growly ones. The songs are quite varied with lots of atypical passages and structures making it something a bit different from what is commonplace in the genre. You could say that they have a rather unique way to make their music and you would not be lying if you did, there are as I already have stated some atypical passages in the songs which can be said to be spicing up the music of this band. It is quite heavy at times and the growls vary from the modern crow-like growls to the more classical brutal death growls. It is also some clean vocals so there are quite a few influences and directions taken on this album which has thirteen tracks and is one hour and five minutes long. The production is adequate for the album and the songs on it, the changes in heaviness and style comes in naturally and seamlessly for it not be detracting from the songs so the production does what it is supposed to.

There are three sides to this album, some of it is quite brilliant like the opening track, some of it is quite drab and quite boring like the second track and some of it is annoying and quite bad like the completely unnecessary third track. The first three tracks really show what is to come over the entire album, things you like, things that you can swallow and accept, and total crap that you just want to flush down the toilet. That fact makes this a quite difficult album to review and to rate as it is difficult to really form an opinion due to this variation in quality, which is why I was debating it all over and over and over as I don’t want to give an unfair rating just because I have a difficult time combining all of these positive, negative and indifferent impressions I am given by this album. In the end though I think that those annoying part take the upper hand and the positive parts cannot quite weight this up so I always seem to end with the rating just under the one in the middle.

Ambitious but rubbish might be considered a bit harsh on the band but ambitious but below average. So in the end I would say that this is one album that has some fascinating ideas and some good stuff but it is not quite there yet, maybe they can be expected to find the right concept in the future but today they are quite far from that.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Death/At the Gates/Orphaned Land
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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