Dying Humanity
Living on the Razor's Edge

1. Inception
2. Blinded
3. Broken Home
4. Till The End
5. Outcast
6. Abused
7. Perception
8. Welcome To The Abyss
9. Addicted
10. Between Angel And Beast
11. Revenge And Murder
12. Clarity Of Mind

Vocals - Marcus Dietzsch
Guitar - Kai Siedel
Guitar - Simeon Keller
Bass - Hendrik Wetzel
Drums - Danny Vanis

Fallen Paradise (2007)
Fragments of an Incomplete Puzzle (2009)

Produced by Jörg Uken in Soundlodge Tonstudio
Artwork by Gustavo Sazes

Released 4/11-2011
Reviewed 29/12-2011


Living on a razors edge. Balancing on a ledge… I think you know what follows. Germany’s Dying Humanity has clearly been listening to some hardened ladies before finding the title for this album which is their third album and the first one on the Bastardized label. The label who are selling this by dissing all labels that are trying to sell their new artist by claiming they are the next big thing and adding a lot of superlatives just to make their point. Bastardized instead says: “a skilfully executed, catchy and brutal mix of classic death metal, thrashing parts, melodic leads and riffs that would make Sweden’s melodeath masters proud. Topped off by the growls and screams of Marcus Dietzsch bet your little butt that you are in for a highly entertaining yet profound sonic hellride!” I would say that the dissing of common practice makes them much more trustworthy in their statements. Moreover it is the band’s first concept album which cleverly and differently enough does not deal with blood and gore but rather the evil that men do or the hardships that man can provide. Expect a “a prime example of pure, honest death metal executed with brainpower, gut feeling and sheer passion” if we are to believe the label, which we are as they are trustworthy which they have proven by dismissing the common practice for up and coming bands.

Musically it is described by my music player as harsh death metal which does not really say much, does it? But it is sang as it is from the old-school brutal thrash metal but when coming to the music the story is no longer that easy as the musical is rather varied to begin with and then it is death metal of the classical kind but spiced up with melodic touches. Produced in a powerful and heavy way making it a quite aggressive death metal album, but with some melodies thrown into it. I don’t know if there’s any riffing that would be making my fellow countrymen proud but there are a bit off riffing to be found throughout this album. Twelve tracks is to be found on this album that is playing for around 38 minutes and is centred around the aggressive vocals and the guitars both melodic and aggressive. In a way I think you could call it an album typical of the harsh death metal genre.

So do I detect anything that would make the Swedes happy? not really unless you count newer bands like Sonic Syndicate or their peers but not the old guard of established acts. Skillfully executed? well it is well made so I guess you could say that. Metalcore and whatever else you want to label this band as, you could if you liked and that would not be completely off but is it anything to spend time listening to? Well, that depends on what you like. On my part I would say that it is not awful or that it makes you throw up or anything but well made as it is, it is still daft and quite boring to be honest. It is an album that does nothing to me other than cause sleepiness or extreme boredom, I think it an album that is just decently made but offers nothing substantial or nothing that you really want to sink your teeth into. It feels like one of those albums you play, get bored with and then throw away.

So, I’m sorry Dying Humanity, your third album really does nothing to me, neither the attempt to sell it by dismissing claims of being the next big thing and the saying they are the next big thing in a different phrasing, nor the product does impress me in any way. It is just as I said one of those review I albums I play and then I throw away as it contains nothing, not even The Evil That Men Do ripoffs can change that.



Label: Bastardized Recordings/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands: The Black Dahlia Murder/Graves Of Valor/Decades of Despair
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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