The Lost Children

1. Hell (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists)
2. A Welcome Burden (b-side from The Sickness)
3. This Moment (from the soundtrack album Transformers: The Album)
4. Old Friend (b-side from Asylum)
5. Monster (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists)
6. Run (b-side from Indestructible)
7. Leave It Alone (b-side from Asylum)
8. Two Worlds (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists)
9. God of the Mind (b-side from The Sickness)
10. Sickened (b-side from Ten Thousand Fists)
11. Mine (unreleased b-side from Asylum)
12. Parasite (b-side from Indestructible)
13. Dehumanized (b-side from Believe)
14. 3 (b-side from Asylum, originally released as a digital single to benefit the West Memphis Three)
15. Midlife Crisis (Faith No More cover; from the compilation album Covered, A Revolution in Sound)
16. Living After Midnight (Judas Priest cover; from the compilation album A Tribute to Judas Priest: British Steel Vol.1)

David Draiman – lead vocals
Dan Donegan – guitar, electronics
John Moyer – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mike Wengren – drums, percussions
Steve Kmak – bass guitar (tracks 2, 9, 13)

The Sickness (2000)
Believe (2002)
Ten Thousand Fists (2005)
Indestructible (2008)
Asylum (2010)


Tracks 1–3, 5, 8–10, and 13 produced by Johnny K and Disturbed
Tracks 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, and 14–16 produced by Dan Donegan, and co-produced by David Draiman and Mike Wengren
Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, and 13 mixed by Ben Grosse
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, and 15 mixed by Neal Avron
Track 16 mixed by Johnny K
Mastered by Ted Jensen
Photography – Travis Shinn
Illustration – Raymond Swanland
Design – Denny Phillips
Creative direction – Frank Maddocks and Norman Wonderly

Released 8/11-2011
Reviewed 16/11-2011

reprise records

The Lost Children is what they are calling their compilation of B-sides that they are releasing now before taking a brief hiatus, a collection of unwanted tracks is essentially what we get. Multi Platinum selling Disturbed has never been a band I have been interested in as all songs I have heard feels quite boring, maybe songs they haven’t wanted on the album is a better choice for me? And they have not only been selling platinum but also gotten some awards during the little more than a decade they have been releasing music, so they are quite successful this band and their hiatus is by no means an indication of them quitting according to the band.

Nu-Metal, heavy metal is probably the genre we talk about when we talk about this band, quite typical one guitar heavy metal is what it mainly sounds like. The singer though is a bit different, his has a kind of croaking way of singing, like a frog if it was able to speak english. The production and sound is similar over all sixteen tracks, I wouldn’t describe this album as particularly varied. Two of the sixteen tracks are cover tracks, one of which is Faith No More and the other one is Judas Priest. The album has a playing time of about one hour and sixteen tracks as I stated before.

I say I think not about this album, the songs are just a collection of pointless and identity derived songs which really offers nothing to the world of music and most of them feels like they should have remained unreleased or as B-sides as they are so boring. The lack of variation makes the album feel very long with its one hour playing time, the only songs that stand out slightly from the rest of the album is the cover songs. And in the case of the cover songs they are more like imitations of the original than actual own interpretations which makes them kind of pointless as well, so my feeling when listening through this album, every time I do it is that it is one pointless album by a frankly pointless band who has yet to offer me one song that is more than average.

Going through the songs again I find the same as I have found each time before, I find a collection of songs which only purpose can be to be a source of background noise in an elevator or shoe store because that is what it works well for, other uses are frankly useless. If you were considering this for a christmas gift I would urge you to reconsider, there are about 200 albums that I have reviewed this year that are better than this album, at least 175 that is easily better than this.

This album is just a drab, pointless waste of time. The songs are all the same and the best one might be the Judas Priest cover which frankly is of a below par Judas Priest song. Hell and Dehumanized are also decent tracks but then it is just a grey soup of songs that does nothing, they are just there for no apparent purpose whatsoever. I would say that these songs should have stayed B-sides and the world would have been a slightly happier place.


Label: Reprise Records/Warner
Three similar bands: Korn/Faith No More/Judas Priest
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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