Label: Artoffact Records
Three similar bands: Siouxsie and the Banshees/Crass/The Cure

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Moths
2. Hold Still
3. Tunnels
4. Scorpio
5. Ballad of Oiwa
6. Contagious
7. Eight Cups
8. Outer Bounds
9. 15 Stars
10. Storm

Akiko Sampson - vocals, bass
Gina Marie - vocals, drums
K. Dylan Edrich - guitars
Winter Zora - keyboards

Gong Show (EP 2016)
Ghosts (2017)
Part Time Punks Sessions (EP 2019)



Released 2020-05-22
Reviewed 2020-08-04


artoffact records

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Ötzi is of course that well-known mummy they found in a thawing glacier in the Italian-Austrian border region. And it is an American band, a female band, who release their second album called Storm. This quartet that was formed in 2014 has now managed two albums and two EPs. Life changing emotions went into this album and it is about riding out the storm, knowing that it will end, but not really knowing what to expect afterwards. It is something that could be considered relevant to the world we live in right now, we know the pandemic will end, but the world will probably be a different place when it does.

The band is found within the post-punk genre and they do have a fairly fresh sound despite a really analogue feeling soundscape. I thought it sounded a bit dated the first time I heard this album but after spinning it some more I have found that they have a quite fresh and personal style. You will probably recognise the style of this band once you have heard it. And there are a few things positive about their sound as well, like the very good vocals, the energy, the nice gruffy sound, the playing time is sensible as well with ten tracks playing for about 35 minutes.

Storm is a good album with its nice fresh perspective and fairly good songs, they have many elements that I like. I do have a but here though, and that is the repetitive nature of many songs, like Scorpio, that makes the album feel pretty over-repeated after just a few plays. That, and the lack of a really distinct hit song, is something that is a bit detrimental to my view of this otherwise fine album. The perspective I can put on it is that I like this album but feel that it lacks the x-factor that makes a good album great.

The sound and ideas are good, the songs are slightly lacking due as they are a bit too repetitive. Ötzi has ha good thing going and have a good musical foundation to build something really exciting from. Storm is a pretty interesting album that shows an appealing soundscape, but it is also an album that I feel should have been better than it is. They have the ingredients but doesn’t quite manage to mix them into something extraordinary, but it is probably good enough to enjoy for a while anyway.