Label: Lifeforce Records
Three similar bands: Secrets of the Sky/Lycus/Americanflags

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Blood of the Book
2. The Weeds I Have Tended
3. Shot Through With Sunlight
4. To Those We've Said Goodbye
5. Bloodletting
6. South to Infinity
7. Apart
8. Ghost Story
9. Still (Bonus)

Miguel Meza - Vocals
Clayton Bartholomew - Guitar
Isaac Rigler - Guitar
Forrest Harvey - Guitar
Dillon Variz - Bass
Patrick Spain - Drums

Sirens & Slumber (2017)
Passages (2018)



Released 2020-05-22
Reviewed 2020-05-20

lifeforce records

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Mountaineer is back, and now they are performing some Bloodletting. It is their third album and it sees some changes in regard that the song-writing is more of teamwork and the album is taking a somewhat darker path than the previous. The cover is also cool, simple yet interesting – in a way that is like the band’s music. We were quite impressed with the previous effort by this band and wrote several positive sentences about it, so there were some expectations for this one as well. And I think it lived up to them really well.

Shoegaze, post metal, doom and things like that are thrown around when the album is described, and why not as it is a pretty fitting way to describe them. Their music is slow in tempo, powerful, a bit dark, somewhat morose and really well produced with strong vocal presence. The album works best in its entirety as the tracks are part of a concept that encompass the entire album and the songs piece together like a puzzle or something. It doesn’t appear to be very varied at first glance but there is depth and the album moves forward all the time, it never stops and that gives a strong sense of direction which is always a positive. The playing time feels just about right as well, not too long and not really leaving you feeling that there should be more.

This is a great album, no doubt about that. I think Mountaineer has made it even better this time; this album is more exciting and dynamic with darkness as well as hope. Like mountaineering, the hardships of climbing upwards but also the joys of the great views and elation when reaching the top, excellent stuff. There isn’t really a track that stands apart from the rest, but I do think that the one called Apart is my favourite. There are no weaker tracks either, no discernible weakness at all as the album ticks the right boxes and is very enjoyable to listen to.

It is an album that you really listen to and not just use as background noise; it demands and rewards your attention. It is also fresh and feels quite creative, things that aren’t too often said about albums when I write my reviews. I cannot really do anything but conclude that Bloodletting is a great album, certainly worth taking the time to check out.