Endless Restless

Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Machine Head/Chimaira/Sinergy

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. 555
02. Captain Devil
03. Endless Restless Heart
04. Fire Free
05. Centrifuge Of Life
06. 2Souls

Dani Nell – Vocals
Tom White – Guitar
Simon Black – Guitar
Steve – Bass
JC – Drums



Recorded by Patrick & Lukas
Mixed & Mastered by Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchblack Studios

Released 2020-04-10
Reviewed 2020-04-26

fastball music

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Swiss quintet DevilsBridge release their debut EP, it is a six-track and about 25 minutes long release with strong energy and pretty nice artwork. The band itself has been around a little while and released two singles towards the end of last year, singles that aren’t on this EP; something I find a little strange considering that they could have added those and made it a debut album – but they didn’t so, what about this EP then?

It probably fits in the groove metal bracket and it is female fronted with plenty of energy and attitude. Good production and the vocals are quite good, I think she has more range than she is showing here, probably a good thing as they could need more variation in case of a future album and a wider range in vocals should be helpful in accomplishing that. It isn’t very varied, but the playing time and intensity is good enough to keep the listener interested for the entire playing time.

It is a good EP, easy to like and with good songs and excellent energy. I think that all the songs are good albeit none very memorable, opener 555 and Centrifuge of Live are both slightly more memorable than the rest of the album but the real issue is probably the lacking of a really strong hit song that would have taken the EP to a higher level which means that it is a good EP but it will probably not be considered to be particularly memorable.

Good stuff that might be worth checking out if you enjoy this kind of music. If nothing else, it promises something interesting for their forthcoming career in music. I think it is a pretty good EP.