Silver Dust
House 21

1. Libera Me
2. The Unknown Soldier
3. House 21
4. Forever
5. Once Upon A Time
6. La La La La
7. Bette Davis Eyes (feat. Mr.Lordi)
8. This War Is Not Mine
9. The Witches Dance
10. It's Time
11. The Calling

Lord Campbell - vocals, guitars, keys
Tiny Pistol - guitar, bg vocals
Kurghan - bass
Mr Killjoy - drums

Lost in Time (2013)
The Age of Decadence (2017)

Mr Lordi - vocals on track 7

Recorded at Grigrisound and Artsonikmedia studios by Davild Grillon
Mixed and mastered by David Grillon at Grigrisound
Artwork, drawings, cover design by Lord Campbell
Photos by Alexia Tantardini-Sutterlet, Stéphane Harnisch, Sébastien Deloy, Elenwe
Mr Lordi's vocals recorded aby Madu Vatanen at Break Productions Studio
Executive Producers: Fabienne Roth & Eric Loth

Released 2018-10-05
Reviewed 2019-03-01

fastball music

The band that calls itself Silver Dust returns with their third album, an album that tells the story of House 21. It is a conceptual album, that is all I bothered to learn about this album as I felt a bit tired of it after listening to it for quite a while and it isn’t really that amazing. When looking through facts and figures I realised that I had reviewed the predecessor to this album, but I had forgotten it and this album didn’t really put me onto the track that I had reviewed this band before. It must be that the predecessor The Age of Decadence was a pretty forgettable release. But what about this one then, what do we find in House 21?

A ghostly title track, gothic metal or gothic rock, typical gothic voice with Mr Lordi doing a guest appearance in one of the tracks. Decent variation and a sensible playing time, good production, it is a gothic album with fairly typical gothic tracks. Wouldn’t, like the press material does, claim that this album offers anything unique or distinctly recognisable – unless you are one that knows this band very well. Many bands has done the same kind of thing many times before these guys and I would claim that it is the guest vocals that are the most interesting vocal performance on the album. And I am not so sure that it is an album that will excite too many music fanatics.

It is pretty good, some tracks are really strong and fairly memorable and that signifies a step up compared with the previous album I wrote about that didn’t really have much memorable stuff, obviously. The Witches Dance is one of those great tracks and one that I can play on repeat, I also think the title track along with Once Upon a Time are tracks that stand out. Many tracks feel indifferent to me and doesn’t really excite and some tracks like especially the one called La La La La are really terrible. It is an album that gives me mixed feelings, it is an ambivalent sensation to listen to this album and in the end I think it can be considered somewhere around average with a slight nod towards the more positive. But I doubt it will be an album to be remembered, even though it is probably more memorable that its predecessor.

Fans of the band and the gothic metal genre might find this album appealing, it has some very appealing moments as well as appalling ones, but it may not go so well with the wider audiences. Silver Dust are still not exciting enough to make more than a tiny ripple in the floods of rock/metal music.





Label: Fastball Music/Escudero Records
Three similar bands: Deftones/Tool/Lordi
Rating: HH
HHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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