From Darkness to Light

01 - A Crack In The Sky
02 - You Are The Air That I Breathe
03 - The Armor of God
04 - Manifest
05 - The War That Tore The Land
06 - Has The River Run Dry?
07 - Sail On
08 - I Will Follow
09 - From Darkness To Light (part 1)
10 - From Darkness To Light (part 2)

Christian Liljegren – lead vocals
CJ Grimmark – guitars, vocals
Martin Härenstam – keyboards
Andreas Johansson – drums
Jonatan Samuelsson – bass, vocals

1998: Awakening
1999: Long Live The King
2001: Desert Land
2003: The Great Fall
2006: Enter The Gate
2009: Course Of A Generation
2016: Narnia


Produced by CJ Grimmark
Mastered by Jens Bogren, Fascination Street Studios

Released 2019-08-02
Reviewed 2019-07-31


Earlier this year I took a daytrip to Narnia with the band Cats in Space and that was probably the first time anything Narniaish was great. The CS Lewis stories about Narnia are not that brilliant, the same can be said about the movies based on the books; and I can also say the same about the Swedish band that calls itself Narnia. This follows their self-titled 2016 release that received a decent rating from us and it has a lighthouse on the cover. A lighthouse in bad weather, I like lighthouses as they are quite fascinating buildings but what about the music? I haven’t really been too impressed with what I have heard by Narnia before, but this might be different, or not.

Their music is catchy and pop-oriented power metal with lots of melodies and the same stereotypes that are often used in the so-called epic power metal stuff, add to that some Christianity and preaching and you have described how this band sounds. It is quite predictable and devoid of any kind of creativity, but most people seems to be fine with listening to copies of the same album over and over again. This album presses the same button as millions of albums before it and it feels quite like a chore to play through, perhaps it lacks a bit of depth and variation and I think the vocalist isn’t really bringing out the best of the songs – he has passion but he doesn’t get to me.

The daytrip to Narnia earlier this year was great, this trip to Narnia isn’t as great. From Darkness to Light is a pretty okay album; it presses the right buttons for the fans of this band. It is fine to listen to it once but then it gets really dull, perhaps it is the predictable nature, perhaps it is the shallowness of the album, it is a chore to listen to the album more than once. I honestly don’t want to hear even a second from it again as I am so bored with it, and it isn’t even released yet. But it should appeal to fans of the band and probably to some fans of the poppier power metal stuff.

It isn’t really fantastic, not even that impressive at all. It is a bit preachy and the album lacks imagination, unless you consider all that god crap fantasy but that fantasy has been done to death already for hundreds of years so it isn’t really fantasy just boring. And the fact is that this album is really boring despite its poppy and catchy nature, a bit of a failure I think. I Frisbee throw Narnia to Hell so that they can contemplate and come up with something more interesting the next time.





Label: Narnia Songs/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Metalium/Wisdom Call/Fairyland

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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