Mama Jefferson

1. Brainwash
2. Axiom
3. Banana White House
4. Lucid Dreams
5. Vanguard
6. Shanti
7. Acrasia
8. Media
9. Ego! Love
10. Baron


Vanja Vukelic – vocals & bass
Silvan Gerhard – guitar
Mattia Ferrari – drums




Released 2019-03-01
Reviewed 2019-05-01


And what if we tell you that the tooth fairy got fired by mom this morning? That is how the press material begun and mom is probably Mama Jefferson, the Zürich trio fronted by Vanja who sings and does the baselines. Jizzmag is the debut album by this trio and it has ten tracks as well as a pretty amusing cover. So how about the music? Will it be worth checking out?

Musically they go down the simplistic route, kind of rock ‘n’ roll, kind of punk, perhaps a bit thrashy and raw. Quite the rebellious sound almost, but perhaps not really breaking any new ground or really rebelling but fresh enough to have a relatively novel feel to it. Vanja sings well and the album is quite dynamic with decent variation and sensible playing time, I doubt that anyone will look upon it and think that it is too long.

I think that Jizzmag is a strong album, it has some good songs, in fact all of them are quite fine. I think that the opener and Media are might be a little bit stronger but there is not much between the tracks as they are all strong and quite enjoyable. Pretty fresh and pretty amusing album are things that I can say about Jizzmag, the raw yet modern production gives it a sense of novelty and I think that it is an album that should appeal to most people out there.

A fun album that is worth checking out for those of you who likes it a bit simpler and a bit more straightforward, I think that Mama Jefferson makes a pretty timeless album here and while it has its flaws it works well and is enjoyable to listen to. The conclusion is probably that Jizzmag is a rather promising debut album that I think can be well worth checking out.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Skunk Anansie/The Courettes/The Dirty Denims

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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