1. Zeitgeist
2. El Guardian Del Tiempo
3. Estrella Fugaz
4. Alter Ego
5. La Travesía
6. Destino
7. Un Último Adiós
8. Solo Depende de Ti

Pablo Solano - Vocals
Juanba Nada; - Bass, Vocals & Choirs
Victor González - Guitars
Isauro Aljaro- Synth
Jorge Alcázar - Drums

Domine (2006)
Alma Irae (2009)
Non Requiem (2011)
Atlas (2013)
Génesis (2017)

Alberto Rionda
Victor de Andrés

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Raúl Abellán at The Mixtery (Valencia, Spain)
Artwork by Joe A. Arca

Released 2019-10-25
Reviewed 2019-10-15

art gates records

Dragons are popular in the power metal genre and this time it is the dragonfly that is on the agenda. It is a band that was founded in Argentina and then relocated to Spain that since 2010 has no original or Argentinian members left, and with this they have released half a dozen albums. The first album was released in 2006 and this new one is called Zeitgeist, it has a nice cover and eight songs with Spanish titles.

It is power metal, the lyrics are sung in Spanish that sets it somewhat apart from other similar bands. In terms of style it isn’t exactly ground-breaking, quite standard power metal with strong melodies, some choirs, catchy choruses etcetera. The variation is decent and they keep it short with eight tracks that give us shooting stars and temporal guardians and that kind of stuff. It is a good production and a decent vocalist, the Spanish language isn’t the most lyrical and my feeling is that it is a double edged sword – it is interesting but Italian or English sounds better when sung in the melodic styles, but it is still fresh.

Zeitgeist is a pretty good album, the tracks are good and thanks to the band singing in Spanish it also has a relatively fresh sound despite not really being particularly exciting from the creative standpoint. I think the track Estrella Fugaz is the finest on of the album, a shooting star. But all the tracks work fairly well and there are no major weakness that should scare anyone away, so if you like other bands from the Spanish metal scene there is a good chance that you will like this album.

If you like the power metal you should have a look at this one, it should press the right buttons for you. This dragonfly takes of and flies relatively well, perhaps not a high flying release but it flies nevertheless. A really solid effort that should be worth checking out if you enjoy the power metal genre, it is good stuff.






Label: Art Gates Records
Three similar bands: Mago de Oz/Medina Azahara/Saratoga

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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