1. Long Way Home
2. Never Let You Go (feat. Åge Sten Nilsen)
3. Understand
4. Desire
5. Hungarian Girl
6. Flying
7. Saturday Night
8. We’re Dying
9. Run Together
10. Feel The Heat
11. Manhattan Memories (bonus track)
12. Never Let You Go (radio version, bonus track)

Zoran Sandorov – Vocals
Radivoj Petrovic – Guitar
Alex Frey – Bass
Dennis Kunz – Keyboards
Lars Nippa – Drums

Never Say Never (2018)

Åge Sten Nilsen - vocals

Producer Alex Frey

Released 2019-03-01
Reviewed 2019-03-09


metalapolis records

They are quite a diligent bunch, this band that calls itself DeVicious. The first album was released not long ago in August 2018 and now they have their second release out. It is called Reflections and like the first it has a good artwork, it has a dozen tracks where two are bonus tracks, one a radio edit and the other one the worst track on the album. Releasing albums this tight can have advantages in that the band increase their exposure that can lead to positive brand recognition. It can however also lead to less impressive albums, and I think that if they had combined the two first albums with the ten best tracks, they would have made a much better album than any of the two they have put out now.

Musically it is familiar territory, both in regards to the album sounding more or less exactly like the predecessor but also because they aren’t really offering anything that we haven’t already heard. They offer melodic hardrock with catchy choruses, catchy songs and strong melodies. The variation is what can be expected from an album of this variety and surprises aren’t there, it is easy-listening for those wanting to hear something familiar yet new. The production is good, the signer is good as well and I think this album probably is a slight step forward compared with its predecessor.

I think that it is a good album with decent songs and melodies, it is an album that is easy to like and it will appeal to many. Fans of the genre should have a look at it. Sure the risk is that it will be forgotten and lost in the multitude of things being released, but it will probably not disappoint, as it is fairly enjoyable to listen to. And it is a step up compared with the previous album, but not a big enough step to merit a higher rating. One of the issues is the lack of novelty and that the album gives an impression of being a bit of a copy of something done by others, like they are lacking their own ideas.

If you liked the previous album you will like this one, it is the same kind of album but with slightly better songs. You cannot really go wrong with an album like this, it works rather well I think. It is not very memorable but you can listen to it until you forget it and the best songs like Never Let You Go are infectiously catchy. So, I have to say that this one is good but that I still would like the band to make something that feels more like something of their own.





Label: Metalapolis Records
Three similar bands: Van Halen/Hardline/Europe

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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