Never Say Never

1. Everything
2. Penthouse Floor
3. One Track In Mind
4. Lullaby
5. A Night To Remember
6. Crying In The Rain
7. Calling Angels
8. Hand In Hand
9. Never Say Never
10. The Silence

Mister Sanders - vocals
Radivoj Petrovic - lead guitar, bg. vocals
Alex Frey - bass, bg. vocals
Gisbert Royder - guitar, bg. vocals
Denis Kunz - keyboards and Piano
Lars Nippa - drums, bg. vocals




Released 2018-08-24
Reviewed 2018-09-12


pride& joy

Germany-based international band DeVicious has released a good-looking album – had it been a vinyl release I would probably have bought one for the nice cover. The album called Never Say Never is their debut album, the band has released a few videos already and some of these can be seen at the end of this review. The band was founded in 2016 and their aim was to play 80s type hard rock, I would say that’s a fresh idea as there are so few bands that does music inspired by the past and especially not the hard rock and melodic rock of the eighties.

On the subject of music I find it to be quite hard to listen to it and not think of other bands, and I also find it close to impossible to find anything that feels like it comes exclusively from the band. It is melodic hard rock built around strong choruses and distinctive melodies, lots of keys and that sort of thing. A very catchy album. But it cannot really be described as an album that offers any surprises and it adheres very well to the format at all times, kind of predictable I would say. One recognises the songs from albums of the past from well-known bands, not covers but it is quite easy to hear what songs that has provided the inspiration for the songs on the album.

Overall I think that this album is good, the 47-minute playing time is good enough and the album is probably varied enough to work. It has the usual variation and it lack the novelty of a fresh album with fresh ideas. These guys will appeal to all of those who adore the melodic hard rock genre, especially all those albums that sounds more or less the same – this is one more of those albums. It is well-made, easy to like, really well produced with decent singer and really catchy choruses. The second track Penthouse Floor is the best of the album but like all of the album’s tracks it is really hard to shake off that feeling of having heard it before – even the first time I play it.

DeVicious makes a good album overall, it is easy to like and the tracks are good so if you like the similar bands or all the other bands that sounds similar to them it is a good chance that you will like this one. It is fairly enjoyable for a while but I think that a bit more imagination wouldn’t have hurt the end result, but it is hard to go wrong with an album like this.




Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Van Halen/Hardline/Europe
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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