Youth Killed It
What's so Great Britain

1. What's So Great, Britain?
2. Headbutt
3. Where Did I Go Wrong?
4. Great British Summer
5. The Getaway
6. 0121
7. What You're Thinking
8. Already Dead
9. No Money, No Monday
10. Peaceful House
11. This Sounds Cliché
12. On My Own


DJack Murphy - lead vocals/guitar
Carlos Montero - guitar
Josh Thexton - bass
Ben Ford - drums
Josh Arter-Taylor - guitar

Modern Bollotics (2017)


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Crystal Sound Studios

Released 2018-10-05
Reviewed 2018-11-11


rude records

So what is it that is so great about Britain? Perhaps the band Youth Killed It? Or maybe it is the music; there are some excellent musicians from The United Kingdom. Besides the music it seems like not many things are that great about Britain with the Brexit and everything – but then again, those awful nationalist things seems to be popping up all over the place these days. But lets focus on these guys that makes their second album in two years, the debut was released last year and now they ask themselves what’s so great, Britain?

Their music is fairly simple, punkish British rock music with a singer that has a very clear dialect and that fits this music quite well. The songs are a bit complaining, and they are rather simple. Easy songs to take to and pretty easy to like I think – the production is good and the album is short and to the point, nothing odd or complicated just simple rock music on twelve tracks playing for 37 minutes. And I wouldn’t say that the band breaks any new ground or anything, it feels kind of familiar and new ideas aren’t really a requirement for this kind of music – the fans like to hear stuff familiar to them.

And I do think it is a good album, the tracks are good and I think the opening title track along with the track Already Dead are fairly memorable. But sure, it may not really go down in history as one of the great albums but chances are that those buying it won’t be too disappointed as the catchy and whiny songs are quite amusing and the album itself feels amusing to listen to. Youth Killed it does quite well with their second album and it will probably appeal to those liking this style of music.

Perhaps the conclusion is that the album will soon be forgotten but it feels quite likable until it is. The answer to the question might be that it is a lot, or just in the name, or nothing – I guess it all depends on how you look at Britain and as I don’t really have much experience of the British islands I decline to answer the question. But I think the album is rather good and if you like this kind of music it is probably well worth checking out.






Label: Rude Records
Three similar bands: The Clash/Arctic Monkeys/Blur

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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