Dinosaur Warfare
Legend of the Power Saurus

1. Saurus Infernus Galacticus
2. Dinosaur Warfare
3. Legend Of The Power Saurus
4. Lazertooth Tiger
5. Razorblade Raptor
6. Flames Of Armageddon

David Baßin - Vocals
Dirk Scharsich - Guitars
Andreas Dockhorn - Bass
Florian Zack - Guitars
Frank Koppe - Drums

2010 Unleash The Titans
2013 The Awakening
2014 Dreamchaser
2017 Heart Of The Phoenix


Produced and mixed by Lars Rettkowitz at KR Music Studio
Mastered by Ronny Milianowicz at StudioSeven
Cover artwork by Stan-W Decker

Released 2018-01-26
Reviewed 2018-01-10



Dinosaur warfare is what we are dealing with when we take a look at the new EP by German band Victorius. And it isn’t just any dino war; it is one with high tech machinery and weaponry, lasers and everything. Moreover it is an EP that has been gifted a very nice artwork that promises much, and it delivers 21 minutes of music divided into six tracks, six tracks sharp as a razor raptor’s claws.

When I first laid eyes on the artwork I wanted to hear this one, I thought it kind of indicated a band that didn’t take itself too seriously – much like I want my metal. Way too many metal bands take themselves and their music so seriously that it becomes so boring that you just want to flush them and their dull ideas down the toilet and then set fire to the toilet. Victorius was not quite there but one cannot describe their previous effort as fun or exciting, this seems to be a better path for them to follow and a niche not that exploited in the metal world.

Musically it is power metal, silly and catchy, melodic and great. Good vocals and great sound, all a power metal fan should really want. Decent variation as well as a playing time that feels just right for a record of this style and variation. And the dinosaur wars then rages on for six songs before it ends and leaves you wanting to play the EP once more, and most of the time I let it spin again just to enjoy razor raptors, lazertooth tigers and all those other technological dinosaur weapons they use in this warfare.

I think it is great, this is what power metal should be: silly, amusing, great songs and performance, catchy as hell and really likeable. I recommend it for anyone who likes the power metal genre, or anyone who enjoys a more light-hearted view on the metal world. I am sure they are serious about making great music and they succeed by making great music that is silly enough to make you want to listen. Well done Victorius and I end this review by pointing out that you really should check out this album. Can it really be better than a mixture of dinosaurs and power metal?





Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:
Helloween/Mystic Prophecy/Wizard
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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