Tomorrow's Outlook
A Voice Unheard

1. Within The World Of Dreams
2. Descent
3. Through Shuttered Eyes
4. A Voice Unheard
5. Outlaw
6. Times Of War
7. One Final Prayer
8. The Enemy
9. Fly Away
10. Nothing Shall Remain
11. Darkside Of Aquarius
12. Slave To The Evil Force


Øystein K. Hanssen – Lead Guitar
Andreas Stenseth – Bass

Trond Nicolaisen

34613 (2012)

Terry Gorle - Guitars
Andreas Angell - Vocals (additional)
Jamieson Price - Voice Over
Ralf Scheepers - Vocals
Tony "Thunder" Johannessen - Vocals
Andreas Nergård - Drums, Keyboards
Scott Oliva - Vocals
Vitaly Dubinin - Bass
Maxim Udalov - Drums

Roy Z - Mixing
Colin Davis - Mastering
Isis Sousa - Layout, Design

Released 2018-04-06
Reviewed 2018-07-31


battlegod productions

How’s Tomorrow’s Outlook is most likely something all of us ask ourselves and according to the Norwegian guys of the band with that name there is a voice unheard somewhere there. A Voice Unheard is the title of the second album by these guys, the first one came in 2012. This unheard voice is a post-apocalyptic story told in a few chapters of music, it seems that the outlook of tomorrow is looking quite bleak for someone from Norway. The artwork is pretty nice I think, the backside photo is imaginative albeit not that interesting and the music seems to be lacking imagination and fresh thinking.

On the subject of the music I think it can be best described as heavy metal or power metal, they are quite similar and they can fit both descriptions. Decent vocals and good production are things I would use to describe an album like this. The songs are not really standing out from the norm of the genre, and I do think the album could have been a bit more varied as I feel that it is a bit on the long side. A positive in terms of this album is the use of more vocals and having someone like Ralf Scheepers doing plenty of vocals is really good, Tony Johannessen is also quite good as the second guy doing most of the vocals on this album. The album ends with two covers, one Bruce Dickinson cover and one Aria cover, they are not that great and I could do without them but they are a good showcase of where the band is coming from.

Overall I find this an easily accessible album with pretty good songs and so on, it is a good album but not a standout album or one that floats to the top of the pile. Genre fans will most likely find this album more than agreeable, but I think the album is lacking that little extra that makes a good album great. One thing missing is a standout hit song, the kind of song that makes you want to return to the album over and over – I think that it is important for an album of this style to have a standout song or two.

Dark outlooks on the future but the sound is nowhere near as bleak as one might imagine, I think A Voice Unheard ticks the right boxes for the heavy metal fan and if you fit that description you should certainly have a look at this album. But from a critic’s standpoint it isn’t very exciting and I think you could add that it is quite forgettable from that point of view. Perhaps the most fitting view of this unheard voice is to describe it as good but ultimately quite forgettable.




Label: Battlegod Productions
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden
/Helloween/Gamma Ray
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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