Senses Fail
If There Is Light, It Will Find You

1. Double Cross
2. Elevator to the Gallows
3. New Jersey Makes, the World Takes
4. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket...
5. First Breath, Last Breath
6. Ancient Gods
7. Is It Gonna Be the Year?
8. "You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense"
9. Orlando and a Miscarriage
10. Shaking Hands
11. Stay What You Are
12. If There is Light, It Will Find You


Buddy Nielsen - Vocals
Gavin Caswell - Guitar
Greg Styliades - Bass
Chris Hornbrook - Drums
Jason Milbank - Guitar

Let It Enfold You (2004)
Still Searching (2006)
Life Is Not a Waiting Room (2008)
The Fire (2010)
Renacer (2013)
Pull the Thorns from Your Heart (2015)


Produced by Beau Burchell

Released 2018-02-16
Reviewed 2018-03-22


pure noise records

Positive title for the new album by American band Senses Fail, an album with a cool cover artwork and a dozen tracks that deals with some personal darker themes of singer Buddy. It is also described as an album where the band goes back towards their rock roots. It is an album with a rather dark lyrical theme but when you look at the music I would say that it is more on the upside, kind of hopeful I would, perhaps it is a reflection on the title and that somewhere beyond all that darkness in life there has to be something positive – perhaps even for the one taking an elevator ride to the gallows.

I have seen this band described as post hardcore, I think perhaps more like punkish rock music or modern punk rock is a better way to describe them. Simplistic rock with catchy choruses, plenty of energy and somewhat youthful feel to it are reflections I make when I listen through this album and conclude that it is an easy album to take in and easy to like. Good vocals, even though they aren’t exactly standing out much in comparison with similar bands. The production is good and modern and gives the feel of energy to the album, and the 45 minutes playing time feels quite right for an album of this character. You could describe the variation of songs to be quite the same as it usually is on album in this genre, and the album as quite similar in style to many others.

It is a good album; it starts really well with the single track Double Cross that is a strong opener that sets a good tone for the album. An album where all the tracks are good and I don’t think any of them can be described as weak, the weak point might be that the album doesn’t really offer anything new or really fresh. But they slightly make up for that lack of novelty with the energy and feel of the album that should go down really well with the band’s fans and fans of the punky rock genre. In my view the ending title track is the best of the tracks and always has me contemplating a higher rating as it leaves with a good impression, but in the end that lack of novelty is a bit difficult to overlook as a critic.

Positive note to end and positive impression overall, are my lasting impressions of this album. It may have a dark lyrical theme but the album feels positive and fairly enjoyable, easy to like I think. But not really coming up with anything fresh or really exciting, had they not already amassed a good following I think they would just fade into obscurity with an album like this, not because it is bad but because there are several other very similar albums like this already made and some of them are way better. Recommended for the fans, and perhaps also as the soundtrack during the elevator ride to the gallows.





Label: Pure Noise Records
Three similar bands: Jimmy Eat World/The Get Up Kids/The Promise Ring

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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