Riot Horse
Cold Hearted Woman

1. Cold Hearted Woman
2. Moving Out Of Town
3. My Only Woman
4. Glad You Came
5. Shadows Of The Moon
6. Damned Whiskey
7. Your Love Is Gone
8. Down On Your Knees
9. Feel My Love

Joacim Sandin - Bass
Jonas Langebro - Drums
Andreas Sydow - Vocals
Nille Schüttman - Guitar

This is Who We are (2014)

Claes Lindvall - Hammond
Thomas Larsen - Hammond, cowbell, strings and programming
Yvette Eklund - addt. vocals
Ingvar Formby - harmonica

All recording by Riot Horse
Drums recorded in "Mad Maddy's living room"
Mixed and co-produced by Thomas Larsen @ Fabriken Studio
Mastered by Lawrence Mackrory @ Obey Mastering
Artwork by Christian Wallin

Released 2018-10-26
Reviewed 2018-12-23




So, the Riot Horse returns from a long sleep or at least from a long wait. They do it with a second release called Cold Hearted Woman and it ends the four-year wait that has been since the debut album – but does this wait indicate that the band has evolved? The artwork is probably a bit of a step forward for the band but the album doesn’t show much evolvement in terms of style and or originality. They seem to be satisfied to copy what others have done before.

They aren’t exactly original or imaginative, retro rock is a description that fits pretty well, think bands like Zeppelin, Sabbath and whatever else we call these old Geezers and you will know what it sounds like. It is relatively heavy and has a hint of southern rock, the vocalist feels quite inspired by that kind of music. A little bit of whiskey voice; perhaps that’s why they have that song called Damned Whiskey and besides that one there are eight more songs to hear on this album. The songs are varied within the confines of the style they apply but there are no surprises and we get what we expected if we use the first one as reference. They keep it relatively short so at least it doesn’t feel endlessly long and that’s a good thing.

If you liked the debut album you will probably like this album as it is the same kind of music and the quality is quite similar. I find it to be quite uninteresting but those that are into the retro rock might see it a bit differently. It is not a bad album, the production is fairly good and the songs are fairly catchy and the band show decent energy so it wouldn’t be too surprising if there are people who enjoy this album. But the album bores me and many times I have changed it from the CD to the USB-stick with better music when listening to this in the car, something I only do when I don’t like the album I review.

I guess that it is mostly for those who like the first album by these guys while the rest of us don’t really need to bother. Kind of pointless retro rock is how I see this album and if you don’t think the seventies was the best times ever I think you will see it the same way. A bit boring and a bit tired is the impression that grows with each time I listen to this album and I think that you will not be too impressed if you aren’t already a fan of Riot Horse.





Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath/The Black Crows

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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