Riot Horse
This is Who We Are

1. Get Your Hands On
2. Bring Em On
3. Miss Mississippi
4. Didn't See It Coming
5. My Mountain
6. Going Undercover
7. Shine
8. Hold Me
9. Torn
10. You Took My Soul
11. Starlight
12. Medicine Man

Andreas Sydow - Vocals
Nille "Neil" Schüttman - Guitar
Jonas Langebro - Drums
Joacim Sandin - Bass


Richard Larsson - Additional percussions and keyboards
Desiree Ljungdahl - Additional vocals

Recorded by Richard Larsson @ HH Studios
Mixed and produced by Richard Larsson & Riot Horse
Cover art by Christian Wallin

Released 2014-05-30
Reviewed 2014-06-12



Rioting Horses from Sweden, guys who’s highest desire is to make it like they did in the past. They name bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Black Crows as what they desire to sound like. It is something like I am saying that Hallowed are looking to get back to writing reviews on parchments that can be collected at the town hall. I can acknowledge how these bands of the past are inspiring to what is being done to day and no matter how good they were, music is still a lot better today. This quartet has done an album that looks the part, but does it play the part?

Well, it sure does. The fan of nostalgic rock will adore this album. It sounds the part, it sounds of the seventies but maybe a tad fresher than most stuff of that time but rawer than much today. Zeppelin is a bad that can be compared with these guys. Decently well produced, decent variation I am sure fans of what was will be very happy. There is however nothing fresh about the album, they take no new approaches they just copy-paste what was done by those greats they mention in their press material. I am not so sure how relevant this album can be, but then again I am not sure this album is meant to be.

This is who they are, guys who thinks it was better when cars used 3 litres of fuel to propel a car about ten kilometres, when there were no cell phones (that was better for real), when computers needed a room and was as good as a calculator. Many more things that was worse can also be mentioned but I won’t count them here, if you feel it was better forty years ago, then this is your album. I think music is better now and most things in life are also better, the world evolve and everyone who stands still dreaming of a better past stand for stagnation and a lack of progress. With a lack of progress the world evolve backwards and that is never desirable. Well, of course I will not judge anyone looking to the past, that doesn’t mean I will bring out the parchments and feather pens just yet, or ever.

This is an album that is too good to be bad but at the same time too familiar to be really good. It becomes tiresome quickly and no matter how easy it is to take in or how well it is made, it is still just an album that stands firm in the middle of our rating system. I may not be impressed but cannot deny that songs like Miss Mississippi, Torn and Medicine Man are songs that I really like. Sure the wow-factor is lacking but if you enjoy rock of the nostalgic kind, I am quite sure you will find this quite enjoyable despite it not being as good as they were back then.




Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath/The Black Crows
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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