Quantum Leap
No Reason

1. Thats the Reason
2. In Between Worlds
3. Blind
4. Yeah
5. Trust
6. The Fiction in the Daily Life
7. Sea
8. All I Ever Wanted
9. I Don’t Know
10. Dreaming
11. Mayday
12. Like a Memory From a Long Time Ago


Björn Norberg - vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizers, theremin
Andreas Hennius - bass
Mats Gustavsson - drums


Lea Martinelle - saxophone
Rosa Kristalova - cello
Mattis Fredriksson - accordion
Daniel Söderberg - modular synthesizer
Janet Simmonds - backing vocals

Recorded and mixed in legendary Sunlight studio
Produced by Tomas Skogsberg

Released 2018-06-01
Reviewed 2018-08-07

viskningar och vrål

Like a party when the sun sets for a last time, a party with some friends and some heavy music for the trio from Uppsala in Sweden and perhaps they are playing this debut album called No Reason as they await the apocalypse. The band thinks that the final ride to the apocalypse will happen within our lifetime, which sounds interesting. And there is a lot of dark stuff here, like the producer who does dark things and the theme of the album is a dark story as well. But he question is; is it something to play when partying in expectance of the apocalypse? Sure, why not.

Edgy soundscape, strong sound overall and a really strong vocalist are my first impression. Post punk mixed with alternative- or garage rock stylings, and it has a touch of power but also a throwback to some bands of the eighties and that sort of thing, like the three similar bands at the top of this review and you can probably add a whole legion of other bands to that. The sound is quite fresh and the vocalist has a powerful and really good way of presenting the lyrics and conveys a sense of the theme of the lyrics on this album – it is a bit of doomy sense to it, apocalyptic perhaps.

An album that has a dozen tracks that I feel could have been a little bit more varied to give a better sense of dynamics and through that keep my undivided attention for the entire album. I also think that a more distinct and captivating song would have been very beneficial for this album. They have the building blocks and makes it a good debut that would probably appeal to very many, they just lacks that little extra that makes a good album great. It is a good album overall, and while it may lack that little extra edge it also lacks the bigger flaws so it is certainly well worth checking out, especially when you are looking to have some nice music when you are awaiting the apocalypse.

Powerful debut, quite entertaining and quite good – it promises much for the future, if not the apocalypse comes first but lets assume it doesn’t. It is an album that should not disappoint, it is certainly good enough to use as soundtrack for the time when our runaway greenhouse effect turns Earth into the same harsh world as Venus, our twin world that was hit with a runaway greenhouse effect and now sports an environment not very suitable to our kind of life. That can only lead to the conclusion that Quantum Leap has made a good debut and there is no reason for anyone to think otherwise.





Label: Viskningar och vrål
Three similar bands: Joy Division/Play Dead/Leitmotiv

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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