Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors

1. Concentration
2. Flower Child (Reprise) 03:40
3. Negative People / Άμοιρε Άνθρωπε
4. Astral Lady Blues
5. Fingers
6. Δίνη
7. Αδαμάντινα Φτερά
8. Sally Jupinero
9. Guilty Pleasure Theme
10. For Absent Friends
11. Wide Open

Georgios Dimakis - lead vocals, piano, synths
Pantelis Karasevdas - drums, percussion
Sergios Voudris - bass, electric guitar
Kwstas Red Hood - percussion
Chris Bekiris - electric guitar

Love Songs for Instant Success (EP 2013)
Notions (2014)
The Age of Tourlou (2017)

Christina Koziraki - additional vocals on "Δίνη" and "Wide Open"
Petros Lamprides -contrabass on "Flower Child" and "Fingers"
Bjenny Montero - additional vocals on "Guilty Pleasure Theme"

Music and lyrics by Georgios Dimakis
except "Concentration" by Sergios Voudris and Georgios Dimakis
Additional music by Sergios Voudris
Produced by Sergios Voudris and Georgios Dimakis
Recorded at Diskex (spring 2018)
Engineered and mixed by Sergios Voudris
Mastered by Anestis Psaradakos at Athens Mastering Studios
Cover by Kwstas Stergiou
Back cover photo by Eftychia Vlachou
Graphic design by Ifigenia Vasiliou

Released 2018-11-19
Reviewed 2018-12-04

inner ear

Prins Obi returns and this time he has enlisted the help of The Dream Warriors and they have put together this self-titled album. I was very impressed with The Age of Tourlou that was released last year and I can’t say that it was a negative feeling I got when I saw the mail about this new album. It may not have the most impressive cover artwork but it looks interesting enough and would work well in the record shelf, even on the vinyl format. And I probably would have bought this one along with the previous one if I could afford it.

The music is poppish rock of classic style, I guess you can describe as a touch of the seventies glam like T-Rex, a bit classic progressive like Pink Floyd, psychedelic stuff in the vein of the same Pink Floyd, and perhaps some touches of Kansas and things like that if you want some music references. It is classic, yet it sounds fresh and like something that brings something new to the scene without really doing that. Good production and vocals is something else that we get to hear on this album, as is a good variation and a sensible enough playing time to make it an album you wouldn’t mind playing on repeat.

A good album, that much is certain from the first time you play the album and then it grows on you with its fresh ideas and great songs. I think that it is an album that lacks weaknesses, that has many strengths and perhaps it is even a step up compared with last year’s great release. It presses the same buttons but does it probably even better and these Dream Warriors might be the one that makes this into a great musical adventure. And I think that it is an album worth checking out, it has some great songs with lots of hit potential and I think the last few tracks of the album are quite great.

This is probably a candidate for the top list of the year, a great album that comes highly recommended from our reviewer. I think that whoever doesn’t check out this new album by the prince and his dreamy warriors will miss something, something quite great. This is an album that is worthy of a place in anyone’s record collection – great stuff!





Label: Inner Ear Records
Three similar bands: Baby Guru/King Elephant/KU

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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