Prins Obi
The Age of Tourlou

1. Anatolian Rock
2. Common Sense
3. Too Demanding
4. Distant Cousins
5. Into the Light
6. Rafinity
7. Finish What You Start
8. Astro-Man Theme
9. Chasing Baboons
10. Reserve the Right to Fail
11. Galactika
12. Heavy Feet
13. The Age of Tourlou
14. Flower Child

Prins Obi - vocals, organ
King Elephant - drums
Sergios Voudris - bass, backing vocals
Angelos Krallis - electric guitar
Pantelis Karasevdas - percussion

Love Songs for Instant Success (EP 2013)
Notions (2014)


Recorded at Marginalia Studio (engineer: King Elephant)
Mixed by King Elephant at Marginalia Studio (July-August 2016)
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Studio (September-October 2016)
Artwork by Kostas Pantoulas
Graphic design by Ifigenia Vasiliou

Released 2017-04-22
Reviewed 2017-05-19


inner ear

Greek Prins Obi celebrated record store day by releasing his second album, an album called The Age of Tourlou. It has an interesting artwork and seems to be fitting considering the target audience is supposed to be freaks, geeks, pop culture aficionados and burnouts – a group Prins Obi himself describes as part of. The question you should ask yourself as a potential customer to the red vinyl or whichever version of the album is appealing to you is whether or not you belong to any of these groups of people. If you do, it sure is a great album to buy.

It is kind of poppish rockish or something like that, an album that isn’t that easy to categorise, as it is a display of different styles and directions. The album has a very strong production, excellent depth and variation – and best of all, it sounds very fresh and unpredictable. The fourteen tracks takes you just over forty minutes to play through and it is despite being clever, also an album that is quite easy to get into and easy to like. And I personally find that I enjoy listening to this album, which has to mean that I can be described as one of those categories of people, the question is which one of them.

To my fellow burnout elitist pop culture aficionado geeks and me this is a brilliant album with fourteen very strong songs that can be enjoyed over and over. It may not be for everyone though, boring people may find it too much to handle but no great album is really for everyone and this one certainly is for those of us who frowns at the thought of hearing the same bullshit again and again and again like it usually is when you are reviewing rock music – I am very glad that amongst all those creatively challenged musicians there are some that actually can make fresh and interesting music, they may not be many but their work is always a welcome change. The Age of Tourlou is a great album, well worth checking out.

And it offers some great songs like Anatolian Rock, Chasing Baboons and Flower Child that are memorable standouts in an album of great songs. And The Age of Tourlou has to be one of the greatest positive surprises of the year so far. I like this album and think it might be well worth the money it costs, I know that if I had any money I would have added a vinyl version of this album to my elitist music record collection.





Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Baby Guru/King Elephant/KU
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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