01. awake
02. world on fire
03. too many
04. hollow life
05. hold the world
06. inner emptiness
07. stronger than before
08. hush
09. broken dreams
10. groundhog day
11. safe this life

Joscha - Guitar
Lukas - Bass
Assim - Drums
Chor - Vocals

Between these faces (2016)



Released 2018-05-25
Reviewed 2018-06-25



Nancybreathing is a pretty silly name, and their album title Awake is pretty unoriginal as well so on the naming front I can’t say that they are particularly impressive. The artwork is another matter; I like that artwork, as it is pretty cool and pretty interesting. So at least they have something interesting before getting to the music, the music that is described as nu-metal by the people writing the press material. Awake is the band’s second album, the first was released in 2016 and now two years later they are at it again. So what can I say about their new album then?

I can say that musically they can be described as alternative metal, or nu-metal. It is modern music with a hint of catchiness perhaps. The vocals of the album are a bit grunty/growly and a bit clean, no particular rapping as we hear from many nu-metal bands which I think is a pretty good thing for these guys. The sound is quite modern, and the album’s playing time is kept sensible with little over forty minutes split on ten tracks. A good production I think, perhaps a little cautious and not really that original either – they go for the tried and tested musical approaches.

Pretty catchy stuff, pretty good stuff I think. Not the most original or ground-breaking musical experience I have ever experienced, but the songs are pretty good all the way through and there are nothing really terrible to be heard either – they are better at their musical craft then they are at naming themselves and their works. If you are into the similar bands or the nu-metal genre in general I am quite sure you will find this to be a fairly appealing album, if you aren’t it might be less exciting for you. And then there is that risk of the album disappearing in the sheer number of albums released these days, it is missing something that makes it stand out from the masses – I think it needs something a bit more exciting than what we get from it.

So the conclusion will have to be that it is a fairly good album, it is pretty nice to listen to and so on but it doesn’t really make much of a lasting impression. A way to end might be to just point out that the band name is quite silly, the album title is boring, the artwork is pretty good, and the songs are quite good – that is how I see this album.





Label: Boersma Records
Three similar bands: Sevendust/Staind/Flaw
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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