Luca Princiotta Band
Rough Blue

01. On Board
02. Shake The Cake
03. What It Takes
04. When Everyting’s Right
05. The Guest
06. Nothing But This
07. Rough Blue
08. A Good Life Ahead
09. Ain’t No Love
10. We Need Time

Luca Princiotta - guitar
Matteo Bertini - vocals
Gian-Andrea Costa - bass
Rocco Lombardi - drums



Produced by Luca Priniciotta
Mixed by Stefano Scenini at Stairway Recording Studio, Switzerland
Mastered by George Nerantzis
Artwork by Fabio Bonetti
Photos by Reto Albertalli

Released 2018-05-25
Reviewed 2018-05-20


Luca Priniciotta might be most known for being guitar player and keyboarder for Doro but he has worked with legions of strong heavy rock/metal musicians like Blaze Bayley, Uli John Roth, André Matos, Chris Caffery and many more. And now he can also title himself a solo artist as he now releases the first album under his own name. Rough Blue is what he calls that first album that comes with ten tracks and some bluesy hardrock guaranteed to please the fan of the classically styled hardrock.

Undeniably a well-produced album where the vocals are strong and the songs show a decent amount of variation. They also keep the playing time sensible which is always a good thing. Luca and his goons show some class in this production, sure Rough Blue might not really be breaking new ground but this quartet has put together something that has the potential to appeal to a very wide audience. It is music that is easy to like, simple and straight to the point as well as really well performed.

Can’t say that they offer much in terms of originality or surprises but they do what they do really well, I like this album as it has some good songs, some strong melodies and great vocals. Yeah, it is an album that is easy to like and that I have found fairly enjoyable. With the right exposure it should do quite well as it is that kind of music that is inoffensive enough for most people to like. Though, it might not be exciting enough to stand out and be memorable enough to be considered among the highlights of the year a few months from now.

An ending conclusion would have to be that this album is a good one, one that could appeal to many of you. If you like that classic, bluesy hard rock kind of music this will be a good choice for you. I know I have enjoyed listening to this album and I am quite sure that you will find it as agreeable and I highly doubt that it will be a disappointing album for anyone. It might not be the most impressive album of all time but it is a fine album where the opening pair of songs is strong and my favourite song of the album is the video track Nothing But this Song. I think Luca has put together a nice solo debut, could be worth checking out.





Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Doro/Chris Caffery/Uli John Roth

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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