Love Skills

1. Better Run Away
2. Close Your Eyes
3. Love Skills
4. Wait In Heaven
5. Come With Me
6.Monday Hates You Too
7. Pretty Belinda
8. Echoes Of Love
9. Billy Boy
10. Can You Hear Me

Walter Weber - vocals
Robert Gritsch - Guitar
Birgit Schaidreiter - Bass
Michael Bloch - Drums




Released 2018-01-06
Reviewed 2018-03-01


Lovers from Austria, Walter and Birgit met, fell in love and founded Love2be and they apparently have some love skills. Love Skills happens to be the title of the debut album of this band and can be described as a rock album made with love. With ten tracks and 36 minutes of classic rock music they are looking to woe the fans of old greats. Not an album that looks to break new ground but rather one that tries to give us some strong rock songs with a bit of hit potential.

Overall it is a strong production, the songs are relatively varied. There are some ballads and some more hit based songs with catchiness and energy. The vocalist has a rather thick Austrian accent that can be a little bit disturbing, kind of like watching Arnold in the second Terminator film – perhaps not that bad but like a milder version of that. Solid sound otherwise and cleverly sensible playing time and all of that, an album that is easy to take to – easy to like.

Very lovable to some I would assume, with good songs, with catchy songs, with love and with energy it is an easy album to like and I can assure you that it doesn’t even require any love skills to do so. It is an easy album to like as it doesn’t really have any strong negative points and all the songs are good, some of them even have some hit potential. The opening track Better Run Away and Pretty Belinda certainly makes an impression. But even so, you have to overlook the vocalist’s pretty disturbing accent and the fact that they can’t be said to offer any kind of novelty with this album. Small niggles but they are niggles that hurts the album slightly.

Entertaining melodic rock’n’roll album made with lots of love, I think it is an album well worth checking for those that enjoy the listed similar bands and their peers. I like it as it is rather enjoyable, sure it isn’t ground-breaking or overly exciting but the songs are nice to listen to and the album is so enjoyable so I can even overlook the Arnold impressions for most of the time. The punch line is: this is an amusing album.







Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Beatles/Rolling Stones/Cream
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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