Little Jimi
EP. 1

1. Jimi
2. Lamp Song
3. Dock 11
4. Molimoh
5. Goodbye Katus
6. Midnight Mojo

Manuel Meslier
Théo Faucheux



Recorded by Manuel Meslier / Jeff / Théo Faucheux
Mastered by Pierre Etchandy
Artwork : RATISKAL

Released 2018-11-16
Reviewed 2018-12-10

mrs red sound

Today we are having a look at the adventures of Little Jimi and his friend Katus, as that is what the story of Little Jimi’s debut album EP.1 is all about. It has a cool artwork; it looks quite interesting I would say. The album was first released as a four-track CD, now it has two more tracks and plays for a little less than forty minutes. And if you are wondering who hides behind the moniker of Little Jimi I can report that it is a French trio that does.

In terms of music they can be described as heavy psych or garage psych according to the press material. Fuzzy guitars, fairly modern sound but also with a retro sense of seventies psychedelia and haziness are things I notice when listening to this album. It is quite powerful, the production is good and they could be compared with bands like Mars Red Sky or Psychotic Monks and I guess that Pink Floyd might also be something of an inspiration. The album is also short and to the point, which is a good thing, the variation is quite okay as well and because the album is short it never feels too long.

Perhaps they should have tried to think a little bit more outside the box as they aren’t exactly breaking any new ground with their music. Nevertheless, it is a good album and I have quite enjoyed listening to it even though I don’t enjoy it as much when it comes to writing about it as it is hard to come up with something clever to write about an album that is quite good with good songs but perhaps not that special in that it lacks that outstanding hit song or something outlandishly memorable. Still, it is a good debut album that can be said to show lots of promise.

If you dig the psych/heavy psych or fuzzy retroish stuff, you will most likely enjoy this album. I think this is a good album worth checking out, the band has a lot going for them even though I think they could have dared to think a bit more outside the box. Good stuff!







Label: Mrs Red Sound
Three similar bands: Mars Red Sky/Pink Floyd/Birth Of Joy
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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