Lee Aaron
Diamond Baby Blues

01 Diamond Baby
02 Mistreated
03 American High
04 I’m a woman
05 Miss Mercy
06 The Best Thing
07 Black Cat
08 Hard Road
09 In The Bedroom
10 Cut Way Back
11 You’re No Good

Lee Aaron - vocals
Sean Kelly - guitar
Dave Reimer - bass
John Cody - drums

1982: The Lee Aaron Project
1984: Metal Queen
1985: Call of the Wild
1987: Lee Aaron
1989: Bodyrock
1991: Some Girls Do
1994: Emotional Rain
1996: 2preciious
2000: Slick Chick
2004: Beautiful Things
2016: Fire and Gasoline

John Webster - keyboards
Frank Gryner - additional guitars

Produced by Lee Aaron
co-produced by John Webster
Recorded and mixed by John Webster at Hipposonic Studios, Vancouver BC and Chez Jean, Burnaby, BC
Photo by Andreja Irving
Album Artwork by Eric Bourdonat Image Folie

Released 2018-04-27
Reviewed 2018-04-14



Yawn has to be my lasting impression of this album after having played it through several times. It is the new album in a long line of releases, one is called Metal Queen and she has had some successes over the years. Though I think most of those has been quite a while ago and she has not been as diligent the last few years. But following some Fire and Gasoline it is now time for Diamond Baby Blues an album of eleven tracks where a few are Aaron’s own and other are covers.

Album style can be described as blues-rock or just classic rock, a nod back to times long gone. And it is not particularly exciting from a creative point of view, especially since many of the tracks are covers. Lee herself sings pretty well and the sound is quite good as well, so it is a fine production albeit not overly varied throughout the eleven tracks. I think the album feels a tad on the longer side; it is easy to loose interest towards the end and that is probably both due to the lack of variation and the lack of creativity that the album showcases. I can’t claim to be impressed with the creative qualities of Aaron and her band.

While it has some songs, like the opener, that work quite well, it has several songs that are really boring. Overall I think the album is quite a dreary one, not really an album that sets the world alight. Perhaps it is those pretty boring cover songs, like the Deep Purple cover Mistreated that is a boring song in its original form and now made even more boring in the Aaron-version. It is an album that become more and more boring for each time I play through it, and therefore it is quite hard to write this review because how do you write something about an album that don’t really make any impression on you? It isn’t bad album, just a tired one.

Not really an album I can recommend, it is quite uninspiring and creatively uninteresting. Perhaps you get something out of it if you are a fan of Lee Aaron’s previous works but I highly doubt that this album will have any wider appeal. The more I hear it the more I long to throw it away and now I finally can – I guess the best thing about this album is that I am now done with it. A bit of a yawn I think.






Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Koko Taylor/
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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