Edge of Ever
We Came With the Flood

1. A Distant Thunder
2. We Came With The Flood
3. Pitch Black Destiny
4. Je Suis Anglogergreekrustican
5. Slavephone
6. The World Will Die Even Without You
7. My Leech
8. Live It Or Leave It
9. Forsaken
10. Infinite Pledges
11. The Weather Maker
12. The Paintbox
13. Vegantichrist
14. Maidens On The Edge
15. The Silence

Minas Marston - vocals
James Smith - bass
Ralph Swan Krieger - Keys
Julios Greco - guitar
Tom Kruse - guitar
Lucas Freise - drums

Global Ignition (2014)



Released 2018-06-22
Reviewed 2018-06-10

mighty music

Edge of Ever is a Greek/German collaboration that begun its journey in 2012 and they released their debut album in 2014. Their second album has a cool artwork looking back at the potential buyer even though the title of the album feels a bit cliché and not too interesting, which is a shame considering the band has a pretty good band name. This might be an exciting album considering that the first was well reviewed from many medias, including some of the big names – we didn’t review the debut so this will be the first time we put words on screen about this band. So lets see what they are all about.

Daring reviewers have described it as high energy prog or “modern mixture of old-school heavy metal and progressive metal combined with core influences” with the latter being one of the more idiotic genre descriptions I have read in a long time. Often genre describing tends to turn silly, especially with bands bridging different genres like these guys kind of do. They stand somewhere between classic heavy metal of the Maiden kind and progressive metal. The emphasis is more on the classic style than the progressive and a good comparison would be to compare with the more progressive songs by Iron Maiden. And it is really well produced with good sound and the vocalist is fairly good as well, the variation and depth is rather good but the album is way too long playing twenty-three minutes past the hour.

Good album overall, the sound is strong and the songs are generally good as well. Some songs feel a tad drab but that is probably more down to me loosing interest because of the playing time rather than the songs actually being any worse than the other songs. They are at their best when they do some Iron Maiden imitating giving us familiar lines of text and familiar sounds, which is both clever and really good. So it is an album that I like but I would suggest that they attempt to keep things shorter and kill some darlings for future albums, in a style like this I think the half amount of playing time is quite enough albums this long almost never fully work – it is quite difficult to really pay attention to this style of music for as long as this album lasts.

Edge of Ever should be appealing to fans of the heavy metal genre, and especially to those who likes things to go on forever without really getting anywhere compared with the start. Due to the playing time it is not as good as it could have been but it is an album I can listen to for a while and the songs are good enough for me to think this is a good album. You can certainly listen to and even enjoy this album but it requires quite a lot of time to get through.





Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Tangent Plane/Mind Odyssey
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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