Captain Black Beard
Struck by Lightning

01. All The Pain
02. Perfect Little Clue
03. Believer
04. Picture Life
05. Gotta Go
06. Out Of Control
07. Dead End Street
08. Struck By Lightning
09. Nobody Like You
10. Straight Outta Hell


Liv Hansson - vocals
Robert Majd - bass
Christian Ek - guitar
Vinnie Stromberg - drums

Captain Black Beard (2011)
Before Plastic (2014)
It's A Mouthful (2016)


Recorded at Rocksta Sound Ranch in July & Yardstreet Studio
Produced & mixed by Jona Tee
Mastered by Christian Schneider

Released 2018-04-25
Reviewed 2018-05-27


melodic rock records

The Captain with the black beard returns for album number four, and it comes with some news for the band. Like a new label, they also have a new singer and due to this new singer being female they also have a slightly different style to this new album. Perhaps not fresh but rather nostalgic I think, and it has a pretty cool artwork where lightning strikes and everything. I have reviewed their first two albums before this one, and I have found them to be rather good, so how about this one?

The label suggests melodic rock and that is a pretty good way to describe how this album sounds. Melodic rock/hardrock/AOR are all ways to describe how it sounds, in has a nostalgic feel to it, like I have heard it before – déjà vu. The new vocalist Liv has a pretty good voice and sounds good throughout the album, perhaps her voice is a bit thin at times when it could have been good with a bit more power but it works well for most part. Good sound, the production is a quality one and they push the correct buttons to make an appealing musical creation. And they keep it short enough for it not to feel on the longer side despite not being a very varied album.

The album is a good one, I like this nostalgic feel – kind of looking back at better times, even though you know that that better times only were better in the mind and not in reality. But the album is good with strong catchy choruses and nice sound, quite enjoyable I think. But then comes the critical thinking and the fact that this album doesn’t really offer anything that feels new or exciting, everything about it feels like something I have heard before and eventually makes the album feel a bit less exciting. And it is probably not the most memorable album released this year, but I am quite sure it will be very appealing to those who enjoy the melodic rock/hardrock or AOR music.

The conclusion has to be that this is a good album, I like it, enjoy the songs and all of that – it has a good feel of nostalgia. It has been an enjoyable album to play through, perhaps a little bit too familiar to really stand out but I have enjoyed it nonetheless. And I can recommend it if you are a fan of the kind of music offered by Captain Black Beard. Good stuff.




Label: Melodic Rock Records
Three similar bands: Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake/Heart

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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